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of the color intermediate between green and violet


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There is also, more visible in the actual specimen, a suggestion of a slightly cloudy blueish film over the lesion, frequently called the 'blue veil'.
In children, symptoms can be slightly different, and doctors advise that if a child is breathing very fast, their skin looks a strange colour (mottled, blueish or very pale), they're very lethargic or hard to wake up and have an abnormal or weak cry, medical attention should immediately be sought.
Observer #4 There was a blueish green glow in the sky just before the quake started [Over the Port Hills to the southeast and above the fault zone.
But soon the landscape turned to black rocks underfoot, and further on we reached the dazzling blueish white of the glacier stretching into an equally whitewashed horizon.
In extremely clear water such as a blueish lake or oceanic conditions, there may be enough UV available at 100 meters for some effect.
e) Looking for an eerie, bluish flame in cemeteries at night; in European folklore, the blue glow is the soul, and a wandering blueish light indicates a soul out of its grave.
At Spring Ridge Farm, most of May's hens lay brown eggs, but one breed, called Leghorn, lays white, and another, Araucana, produces eggs with a blueish shell the color of robin's eggs.
My natural hue is blueish, so I am happy to maintain that habit" TV presenter Susanna Reid, above "When I see someone dropping litter I say 'I think you've dropped something' or 'Pick this up and put it in the bin'.
It gets greyish, blueish instead of a normal sandy brown clay," he said, and the air smells like diesel.
Windowless spaces can also benefit from cool lighting because the blueish cast can mimic sunlight.
Kachina Point and Chinle Point in the north of the park describe the components of the Chinle with its unmistakable red build-ups; in the middle park stop for the blueish The Tepees and Blue Mesa.
And while they feel "colder" because of their blueish brightness, DC LED lights are also easier on their ageing eyes, Naan finds.
Villa Gella's setting is glorious, with nothing to be seen on every side but blueish crags and regiments of giant, ramrod-backed firs.
But researchers are warning that the blueish light their screens emit can stop users getting a good night's sleep, the Telegraph reported.