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of the color intermediate between green and violet


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Finally, SA (3-galactosidase staining solution was eliminated, cells were washed with PBS, and the development of blueish color was visualized by light microscope.
I say like if you got a chicken and you pick it, and it starts to turn kind of blueish. But she was so tiny.
This clay will produce tiny spots of orange, yellow, grey, brown, black, white, and even blueish hues, when reduced moderately during the salt firing.
As the limp woman is taken to the resuscitation bay, Stader observes her skin is blueish and she looks to be "almost dead." Experience tells him she probably has overdosed on heroin.
Make that a shimmering elongated pebble, with Motorola giving the phone's glass body encasing the aluminum frame a glossy finish that doesn't look cheap and vulgar, evoking instead liquid metal that looks absolutely handsome, whether you go for the blueish silver variant or the black.
The blueish color of PEDOT:PSS appears dark whereas the AgNW is less pronounced.
A "blueish mass" of 17 contact lenses has been discovered in the eye of a patient who was scheduled for cataract surgery.
Morjaria described the clump of lenses as a 'blueish mass.' Another ten were extracted during a second examination.
Antenna brown; eyes black with a characteristic brown band in the upper half; prothoracic and mesothoracic legs brown mottled with light green in life; internal face of hind femur blackish, external upper area brown, median external area green drying black, lower inner area of hind femur and tibia slightly greenish to blueish in life.
The sculpture's blueish patina (surface) was chosen to mimic the Civic Centre seahorses which were designed by John Robert Murray McCheyne when he was master of sculpture at King's College, later part of Newcastle University.
The design introduced green and blueish hues and vertical patterns that subtly compress and expand color and pattern variation to provide a sense of movement through a forest (corridors) and toward a clearing (the activity spaces).
The occurrence of a net energy regeneration road sector (blueish sector) is always associated with a peak in the energy consumption profile (Figure 12).
An off-duty fire lieutenant who came to the scene at that point told the officers to take the handcuffs off because Barnes was not breathing and had turned blueish gray.