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Synonyms for blueing

used to whiten laundry or hair or give it a bluish tinge


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a process that makes something blue (or bluish)

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There is only one way out and that is to buy blueing powder and then apply it at the rate of 3oz (85gm) to 3 gallons (13.
Blueing: Textile material which have not responded satisfactorily to bleaching and have a slight off white appearance, can be improved further by blueing them.
We can't physically expand any more on our current site because we ore limited by the environs of the village so we ore leaking at building storage and blueing rooms further out so we can increase production.
Apply a blueing powder (hydrangea colourant) to the soil every 10 to 14 days, this should give the desired effect.
It is matured in humidity-controlled cellars which allows the blueing to take place without hurrying the maturing process.
For blue flowers add alumina or another blueing agent and plant into an ericaceous compost.
Looking at the two of us in the mirror that morning, I wondered what she would look like with today's hair colorings (weekly applications of laundry blueing - a dark-blue liquid additive designed to make white clothes sparkling white - in the rinse kept her hair white), today's dentistry (she had a fine set of store teeth, but wore them only for special occasions), today's fashionable plus-size clothing (her cotton house dresses were exchanged for navy blue or lavender ``going to town'' dresses, with Grandma corseted so tightly you could bounce a quarter off her derriere, only for weddings, funerals and shopping).
Charles Danner 9/12 3189 Huntsville Hwy Fayetteville TN 373346087 931-433-3276 Codes: GR, Rust Blueing
It has about 95 percent blueing and shows little, if any wear.
Where hydrangeas, or for that matter any of the ericaceous plants, are grown in pots blue colouration can be maintained or enhanced by a weekly or fortnightly application of the blueing compound aluminium sulphate at 85gm to 13.
It shows lots of use and has been refinished by rust blueing.
The pistol has more than 95 percent of the original blueing, and the action works and is still tight.
Key features include hammer forged hard chrome lined barrel, machine steel receiver/monoblock, double dip blueing, ventilated rib, extractors, checkered stock and forend and auto tang safety.
Blueing and polishing are spectacular, as you might expect from Colt revolvers of the day.
Takedown and solid frame, straight and pistol grip, custom barrel and magazine lengths and even multi-caliber sets are among the options, along with high-grade wood, superb hand checkering, engraving and the luscious Turnbull Carbona blueing, rust blueing and genuine bone charcoal color case hardening.