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tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil

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ABC said Australian Bluegum Plantations and South West Fibre, a log processing and woodchip exporting joint venture in Victoria that is partly owned by a subsidiary of Japan's Mitsui & Co.
The commercially prominent eucalypts include bluegum (Eucalyptus globulus), jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata), karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor), delgupta (Eucalyptus delgupta) and eucalyptus (Eucalyptus grandis).
Meanwhile, there is another new version, this time with a new title -The Merry Widow from Bluegum Creek, by Australia's Frank Hatherley and Stephen Gray, which sets the action in the Australian Embassy in Paris.
The frames are naturally bent Bluegum from near Hardy's winery in McLaren Vale - in between are West Australian Kauri ribs, and there's a fair bit of Jarrah above and below deck.
water murmurs in the roadside furrows, doves coo in the bluegum trees; now and then there is an eddy of warm air to warn of the wind that will blow later in the day, chasing gusts of fine red clay dust before it.
No, I think I'll just go as far as that bluegum for starters," I shouted back.
It is set during the period 1950-54 in a new Johannesburg suburb, an "estate" called Badminton, where streets are named for English kings and guard dogs--protection against the African burglars who are assumed to be lurking in the nearby bluegum grove--for the tyrants of history: Tamburlaine, Genghis, Adolf, et cetera.
Focusing on Benjy, for instance, he builds an elaborate scenario around the novel's use of the folk term "bluegum," around which American blacks have built a gothic mythos, a story of vampirism in which not only the bite, but even the look of the bluegum impregnates.
Yet another admirer called guitarist Keith Richards "the world's only bluegum white man, as poisonous as a rattlesnake," and extolled the Rolling Stones for "inciting the crowd to orgasm.
Install 40kmh high pedestrian activity area zone on Bluegum Road with an entry treatment north of Janet Street and install a raised threshold at the exisitng zebra crossing on Bluegum Road, 70m south of Janet Street
Haddad, bluegum leaf debris (NCA, 2006/1497); 1 [female] Brandfort, Florisbad, 28[degrees]46'S:26[degrees]05'E, 1250 m, 30.
But a growth of 70 inches in girth for the Port-Orford-cedar moved it from eighth to sixth place overall, nudging it ahead of the common baldcypress and bluegum eucalyptus.
Here we learn that wowseristic Uncle Wattleberry's whiskers are the principal reasons for Bunyip Bluegum to leave home and travel the world, Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding, Sydney, 1918, pp.
Albert, The Magic Pudding John Cleese Bunyip Bluegum Geoffrey Rush Sam Sawnoff Sam Neill Bill Barnacle Hugo Weaving Meg Bluegum Toni Collette Buncle Jack Thompson Uncle Wattleberry Dave Gibson Rumpus Bumpus John Laws Ginger Mary Coustas