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important edible sunfish of eastern and central United States

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Perhaps larger bluegills are more effective in competition with pumpkinseeds.
Bluegills prefer softer bottom and proximity to vegetation.
The lagoon is stocked regularly by the State Fish and Game Department with catfish, bluegill and bass.
Live worms or crickets will get shellcrackers and bluegills twanging the bobbers, and spinnerbaits and plastics often hit pay dirt too.
Casitas happenings: Hundreds of Florida-strain bluegill fingerlings will be released at 4 p.
Bluegills will bed with temperatures around 70 degrees.
To find the best flippin' mats, listen for sounds of bluegills popping the surface.
Bluegills will comefrom 100yards down current if you seed the water with a pinch of this rarified chum.
Whole shiners, river mullet or bluegills keep the juvenile catfish at bay long enough for the grownups to find the bait.
8 chartreuse-colored popping bugs can have the time of their lives with bluegills starting in May.
The day after he brought home that puny string of 10 fish, he located a new bedding area and hauled in 45 of the biggest, fattest bluegills one could ever imagine.
It's just a feeling I have that specks can't resist biting--like bluegills.
Flathead cats usually want live bluegills fished right on the bottom in the deeper holes.
He caught several bass, cichlids, oscars, bluegills and a few other bream.
You won't see those streaks from the deck, nor the small bluegills lurking nervously around old beds.