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Bluefin Wealth Management, part of Bluefin Advisory Services, continued its winning streak last week with success for Cardiff-based Eve Wheeler.
The Bluefin Boycott asks people worldwide to pledge not to eat or serve bluefin sushi.
The trouble began in the 1960s when fishing boats using purse seines and long lines to pull in fish for the canned tuna market harvested huge numbers of juvenile Atlantic bluefin. This highly efficient method of fishing decimated generations of Atlantic bluefin, constraining their reproductive capacity accordingly.
The Japanese are the world's biggest seafood consumers and eat 80% of all bluefin caught in the Atlantic and Pacific.
The 342-kilogram bluefin tuna was sold in the first auction in the Tsukiji market in Tokyo.
In November, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas voted to cut the bluefin fishing quota in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean from 13,500 to 12,900 metric tons annually - about a 4 percent reduction.
Bluefin tuna has come under increasing threat worldwide with conservation groups saying the fish, used in the popular Japanese dish sushi, is on the brink of extinction.
Stocks of Atlantic bluefin tuna, a popular delicacy in Japan that can fetch $100,000 a fish and weigh as much as an average horse, have plunged more than 80 percent since 1970, Western scientists say.
Oli Steindorsson, chairman of the company told FLEXNEWS: "I am very pleased that our Board and that of Baja, have decided to move forward for Umami to complete the acquisition of 100% of Baja which is the leading bluefin tuna operation in Mexico.
The 'Equipe Velo Bluefin CC' squad cycled from London to Paris over three days to raise funds for international humanitarian aid organisation Doctors of the World UK.
Bluefin Robotics has hired Newton-based construction manager Commodore Builders to oversee construction of the company s new headquarters in Quincy.
The 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) concluded without providing any trade protections whatsoever for severely depleted Atlantic bluefin tuna and four vulnerable species of sharks - scalloped hammerhead, oceanic white tip, porbeagle and spiny dogfish."We cannot continue to empty our oceans without consequence," said Susan Lieberman, director of international policy for the Pew Environment Group.
Question: What do the Atlantic bluefin tuna and the polar bear have in common?
As chefs at the upscale New York sushi restaurant Megu slide huge knives through their latest bluefin tuna, the possible extinction of the species is far from their minds.
on Friday the rejection of a proposed ban on international trade in bluefin