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an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

blowfly with iridescent blue body

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Bluebottles, whose scientific name is Physalia utriculus, resemble jellyfish but are only a relative of those creatures.
And my folly has been not to have attributed enough significance to the good half dozen bluebottle encounters I've had in half as many days.
Bluebottle flies deposit their eggs in decomposing organic matter and their appearance can indicate that decomposing matter is nearby.
These bluebottles would be ground up for animal feed and there's no shortage of raw materials.
According to the legend, immediate urination on bluebottle stings eases the pain but medicos dispute it.
The Portuguese Man of War - also know as bluebottles - are purple-blue in colour and they trail stinging tentacles up to 22 metres long.
Before long the air of North Wales from one end to the other will be thick with a vuvuzela-like drone of thousands upon thousands of bluebottles.
It was the kind of sultry afternoon when even the fat bluebottles who share my office couldn't be bothered being bothersome.
Fitted with four 15 W UV-A lamps, the unit is designed to attract and capture all types of flying insects, including wasps, bluebottles and houseflies.
Ruth Pallister, for Middlesbrough Council, told Teesside Magistrates Court there were bags of flour with the paper packaging gnawed at by mice, mouse droppings, maggots, evidence of bluebottles and equipment not disinfected after use.
Bluebottles, dragonflies, swallows, doves and towering trees feature on the tiled walls and porcelain fittings.
But, although they are as irritating as bluebottles, their bluster drew forth another offer, this time of sandwiches and champagne from the urbane Allan Sartori, the club's owner.
dispersed the ponderous bluebottles battened on it, and she shoved the
More than 100 pathogens associated with the housefly may cause diseases in humans and animals and bluebottles are thought to be carriers of disease too.
In its present form, EcoBot II still has to be manually fed fistfuls of dead bluebottles, but the ultimate aim of the UWE team is to make the droid predatory, using sewage as bait.