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an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

blowfly with iridescent blue body

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In The Man Who Ate Bluebottles And Other Great Eccentrics, author Catherine Caufield looks at a host of barking Brits.
Give your readers credit for some basic intelligence, like knowing what bluebottles look like.
Mrs Daniels said: "I think audiences will love the ugly bug ball which involves breakdancing bluebottles, glamorous dragonflies and other glittering creepy crawlies.
House flies, such as bluebottles, feed off rotting food and excrement - the supplies of which increase as temperatures outside rise.
They do more good than harm, keeping down pests like bluebottles.
They made a swamp-dwelling troll endearing in Shrek, bluebottles cute in Fly Me To The Moon and now the makers of this animated musical have done their darndest to make us fall in love with a giant, guitar-playing flea.
THEY made a swamp-smelling troll cute in Shrek, bluebottles endearing in Fly Me To The Moon and now, the makers of this animated musical have done their best to make us fall in love with a giant, guitar-playing flea.
30pm) Abi and Jordan agree to clean out Charlie's summerhouse and as Abi opens the door she is met by a swarm of bluebottles.
RATS, bluebottles, wasps and seagulls - I ask you, what's the point?
The bluebottles have stopped funerals from taking place after a swarm of them refused to buzz off.
Bluebottles, greenbottles, rats ( all of them will have their share.
Though Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular comic opera is set in Japan, the libretto has a quintessentially English flavour, with its talk of marine parades, Madame Tussaud's Waxworks, billiard balls, bluebottles and ladies' seminaries.
Bees should be bred with bluebottles, with the hybrid species possessing no sting or malevolent tendencies whatsoever.
Until our Echo campaign agin it, I'd always thought flytipping meant some bloke emptying a big bag of bluebottles into a rival butcher's shop.
George Boateng and Ian Taylor were deployed to fly around like annoying bluebottles to break up the play and pump the ball long towards Dion Dublin.