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a report published by the British government

a register of persons who are socially prominent

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a blue booklet used in universities for writing examinations

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Robert Trajan, Managing Director of Caribbean BlueBook, was recently named a "Small Business Visionary for 2011" by the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) for his work in providing a new way for these businesses to connect to their customer base.
The Washington courts generally follow the eighteenth edition of The Bluebook citation format, including the Bluebook rule on citing to the Internet.
If not available in a commercial electronic database, cite to the slip opinion following the citation format of Bluebook Rule 10.
The Bluebook, which contains the policies, aims to define a legal framework that coordinates the relationship between consumers and traders, shedding light on their rights and responsibilities.
The basic rule of abbreviating, ignored by the authors of The Bluebook, is to avoid non-obvious abbreviations: don't make the reader puzzle over an abbreviation, as The Bluebook does routinely.
For years, TRIAL has followed Bluebook style when citing source materials, but beginning this month, the magazine is switching to ALWD style.
Since 1964, The Bluebook has been reporting Residential Repair, Cleaning, Reconstruction and Replacement Costs.
With Sage BlueBook, buyers and sellers can see up-to-date pricing based on data from multiple sources.
The Bluebook legally defines the relation between consumers and traders, their rights and responsibilities, he added.
New editions of The Bluebook are generally issued every five years; the newest 18th edition was released in 2005.
Kies said that the JCT's Bluebook on the 1996 tax legislation will suggest that the Treasury Department can and should issue rules ameliorating the application of section 1494(c) to transfers to CFCs.
Built on LifeCache Message Minder, O2 Bluebook is a service which enables subscribers' SMS and MMS messages to be automatically saved online via a network-initiated back up.
The DVB HEVC compliance streams are audio/video system streams as defined in DVB BlueBook A157 (TS 101 154).
About 100 pages of reference appendices offer grammar and punctuation exercises, notes on Bluebook and AWLD citation, and sample documents.
Bu Shehab said: "We have finalised a draft legal framework of commerce policies to be cited in the Bluebook which include product warranties, refunds, exchange policies and the bill.