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fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies

blue North American songbird

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Through this acquisition, Bluebird will increase its fiber footprint even further, providing greater access to existing customers and reaching out to new service areas.
Campbell junior died in a spectacular crash on the waters of Lake Coniston in early January 1967 in the Lake District of northwest England, piloting the hydroplane Bluebird K7 in an attempt to become the fastest man again on water.
Roy Cooper, secretary of Commerce Tony Copeland and local patient advocates will join chief bluebird Nick Leschly in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the 125,000-square-foot facility.
Bluebird was founded by entrepreneur and hemp advocate Brandon Beatty in 2012.
Restoration works to the Bluebird in North Shields have been ongoing since 2008 with the goal of a homecoming event in Cumbria this summer.
The Lake District National Park had recently been trying to get a permit for the event to allow Bluebird to break the 10mph speed restrictions on the water.
Uniti will acquire Bluebird's fiber network and then lease it back to Bluebird under a long-term lease.
Uniti will acquire Bluebird's fibre network and then lease it back to Bluebird under a long-term lease.
DAREDEVIL Donald Campbell's record-breaking hydroplane Bluebird K7 is to return to its spiritual home in the Lake District.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and bluebird bio have formed a collaboration to apply their respective technology platforms to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel immune cell therapies for cancer.
The restoration of British speedboat racer Donald Campbell's Bluebird, a record-breaking hydroplane, has been ongoing since the wreckage of the vessel was recovered in 2001.
Bluebird Finance & Projects reports successful closing of a 165 million USD complex financing package for an EPC Turnkey construction project of an innovative hospital, including medical equipment supply, in Eastern Africa.
Bluebird Network has implemented The Connected World SaaS platform.
The eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) has been the state bird of New York since 1970, and can be found throughout most of the eastern United States and Canada.