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We were hoping to add canvasbacks or scaup to the list but only a single hen bluebill gave us a shot, which we capitalized on, a long poke at the edge of our guns' capabilities.
According to FWC's Check Station Harvest Data, bluebills and teal comprise the bulk of bag limits.
There was a fair number of bluebills but the only real opportunity came when a small group slipped in behind and we were too late to react.
Caption: Tyler LaPorte with a strap of bluebills taken on a North Dakota WPA.
As such, Iowa's stretch of the Mississippi has for decades attracted the layout men with their small pumpkinseed boats, high-walled tenders and scores upon scores of cork bluebills, canvasback and redheads.
Simmons has hunted out of the blind for three seasons, shooting limits of teal, gadwall, wigeon, bluebills and other species.
Still, there's just something about the divers--brutish, bull-chested and strong of wing, canvasbacks and redheads, bluebills, buffleheads and goldeneyes challenge and frustrate even the most jaded of water-fowlers.
In October, sago beds mean ducks, diving ducks, and especially bluebills.
You won't find bluebills in the timber, but the color--that white--really shows up against that dark background.
Though not as numerous as they were back in the early 1990s when I first moved to western Washington, bluebills are still present in strong numbers; a population that builds throughout the course of the season, and peaks in late December and into early January.
Most of the ducks shot are large puddle ducks, such as mallards and gadwall, with a mix of divers, including redheads and bluebills.
Ring-necks are the only divers around then, but by the end of October bluebills, redheads and canvasback are commonplace.
We shoot greenheads, wood ducks, gadwalls, pintails, bluebills and an occasional canvasback.
Flocks of bufflehead, bluebills, goldeneye and mergansers skittered across the water's surface in the headlights of our boat as we made our way out into the heart of the Flats.