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And in the case of divers, the art of decoy carving and rigging reached its pinnacle when market hunters targeted canvasbacks and bluebills for the restaurants along the East Coast.
Still, I hoped a fisherman, prepared to freeze his or her keister off for a trout or sheepshead, might spook the bluebills lazing in the glassy bay and punt them back in play.
Once he attained the correct course to the poot raft and arrived at it, the bluebill flared out to land which was when Ross shot him--"ramp strike," which on an aircraft carrier is something a pilot only experiences once since it's fatal.
I'm glad to hear that you and your nephew, Buster, will be joining me on Loon Lake this winter for the short, but exhilarating bluebill migration.
Another way this might have been done, according to Frank Gilbane, CEO of Bluebill Advisors, a content management consultant and analysis firm, is to build a federated search, a program that checks several different repositories and builds queries across these different systems, then pulls them together in a single list of results.
The following campgrounds are affected by the change: Alder Dune, Archie Knowles, Bluebill, Driftwood II, Horsfall, Horsfall Beach, Lagoon, Spinreel, Sutton, Waxmyrtle and Wild Mare Horse Camp.
It's important to keep in mind, however, that open source does not mean free, says Frank Gilbane, CEO at Bluebill Advisors, a consulting firm that specializes in content management solutions.
Frank Gilbane, CEO of Bluebill Advisors and publisher of the Gilbane Report, feels that repurposing content has been a goal of publishers for a number of years and became increasingly focal in the late 1990s.
The closures were at Bluebill, Tyee, Rock Creek, Waxmyrtle, Tahkenitch, Cape Perpetua, Marys Peak, Carter Lake, Sutton and Canal Creek Group Site.
My Go-To diver spread, small but effective, consists of 54 drake bluebill decoys; three longlines with 12 blocks each (The Lines), and 18 individually anchored decoys (The Blob).
Bluebill and Lagoon trails boardwalks - Replace boardwalks on Bluebill Trail in Horsfall Beach area and Lagoon Trail in Siltcoos River south of Florence.
The first bluebill I ever shot was as a teenager, hunting over a mid-sized wetland in western Manitoba's Minnedosa pothole country.
I love a good bluebill hunt, set against the monochromatic backdrop of western Washington's old-growth firs and wave-washed cobblestone beaches.