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Still, I hoped a fisherman, prepared to freeze his or her keister off for a trout or sheepshead, might spook the bluebills lazing in the glassy bay and punt them back in play.
Scaup (bluebill, broadbill) are often seen in large groups (called rafts) on large bodies of water, Both drakes and hens have a blue-grey bill with a black tip and have a broad white stripe on the trailing edge of the wing.
A bluebill swung in on a bluebird day at Fred Eichler's Colorado reservoir and I made a ridiculous long shot out of frustration and cracked that scaup at over 50 yards.
Years later, the puddlers got a bluebill makeover and went into service on the Columbia River.
In the Coos/Coquille Watershed District, Bluebill Lake (en route to Horsfall Beach) will receive 3,000 trout, while Eel Lake at Tugman State Park will get 1,000 legal trout.
"Hydrilla that has grown to within a foot to six inches of the surface," explains Fanning, who is a waterfowl hunter, "is very attractive to migratory birds; especially the diving ducks like ringnecks, lesser scaup (bluebill), redheads, and canvas-backs.
NAVAL AVIATOR Then there was the day I came upon Ross just as he completed a very pretty passing shot on a bluebill. While Code swam out to pick up the bird, I cheered "Great shot, Ross.
By the close of the day we had bagged bluebill, redhead, widgeon, pintail, a couple of green-winged teal and a shoveler or two thrown in for good measure, as I recall.
The following campgrounds are affected by the change: Alder Dune, Archie Knowles, Bluebill, Driftwood II, Horsfall, Horsfall Beach, Lagoon, Spinreel, Sutton, Waxmyrtle and Wild Mare Horse Camp.
For the next few hours flocks of Canada geese, mallards, black ducks and canvasbacks, plus the occasional bufflehead and bluebill and gadwall, keep our attention.
The closures were at Bluebill, Tyee, Rock Creek, Waxmyrtle, Tahkenitch, Cape Perpetua, Marys Peak, Carter Lake, Sutton and Canal Creek Group Site.
My Go-To diver spread, small but effective, consists of 54 drake bluebill decoys; three longlines with 12 blocks each (The Lines), and 18 individually anchored decoys (The Blob).
Bluebill and Lagoon trails boardwalks - Replace boardwalks on Bluebill Trail in Horsfall Beach area and Lagoon Trail in Siltcoos River south of Florence.