blueberry pie

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pie containing blueberries and sugar

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The BlueberryFEST event will celebrate summer at Attitash Mountain Resort and feature a craft fair & farmer's market, field games, bouncy house, live music, BBQ-style food, seasonal brews, and blueberry pie baking & pie-eating contests.
We can't make a blueberry pie without blueberries," I say.
The local population tops out at 25, but many summer days find 600 tourists eating homemade blueberry pie in the Chicken Cafe and buying souvenirs in the Chicken Emporium.
It's just another world over the pond PIE DISPUTE ENDS IN DEATHS An Oregon couple who had been married for more than 20 years began fighting when the 75-year-old husband objected to his wife's plans to give a blueberry pie to a relative.
His family bring him back but get bogged down in blueberry pie.
Bach to his roots: DESPITE a name which sounds as Scottish as haggis, Kyle MacLachlan is as American as blueberry pie.
And to recommend a book, or to buy a book for a friend, is one of the finer exercises in reciprocal pleasure, akin to baking a rhubarb or blueberry pie from scratch, and sharing it with company.
The Jones Soda Dessert Pack includes five great tasting soda flavors: Apple Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Pie.
Other popular traditional activities at AppleFest include the scenic foliage Skyride to the Wachusett summit to view the fall colors, blueberry pie eating contest, mountainside barbecue, clowns, jugglers, balloon artists, moon bounces and more.
However, in Flops cartoons elsewhere American idioms and words could not be eliminated so it was fairly obvious that The Flops were as American as blueberry pie - still funny though, after all these years.
Lemon Creme Twinkies beat out other possible flavor contenders, including Raspberry Tart, Cookies 'n Creme, and Blueberry Pie, and will be delighting Twinkie-lovers this season.
Some of the best-known blueberry recipes come from the US, such as blueberry pie and muffins.
There you can indulge yourself in fresh blueberries, blueberry pie, blueberry ice cream and wine tasting.
WHEN her boyfriend throws in the towel on their relationship, Elizabeth (Norah Jones) seeks comfort in a slice of blueberry pie served at the cafe run by Brit abroad Jeremy (Jude Law).
When dumped Elizabeth (Norah Jones) seeks comfort in as lice of blueberry pie at a cafe she connects with the owner Jeremy(Jude Law).