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Synonyms for bluebell

one of the most handsome prairie wildflowers having large erect bell-shaped bluish flowers

perennial of northern hemisphere with slender stems and bell-shaped blue flowers

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After discussing my concerns with her owner, I admitted Bluebell to the hospital for X-rays.
Love2Love Bluebell + White Tea is enclosed in a powder blue flacon embossed with soft, white flowers and topped with a whimsical petal shaped cap.
The English variety also gives off a wonderful fragrance lacking in the Spanish bluebell.
Byline: Bluebells at the Wenallt, Cardiff<B Lynne Allbutt ASK LYNNE Christine Griffiths
This is the month Scotland's gorgeous carpets of bluebells burst into life.
For more information about bluebell woods in your area, visit woodlandtrust.
There is also a carved grandfather clock waiting to be found in the bluebell wood, plus a play area and restaurant serving afternoon tea.
Sean said: "The design of the Bluebell Hotel has changed dramatically.
Meanwhile, Tomlinson previously took part in a charity match in aid of Bluebell Wood Hospice.
Bluebell comprises a range of two and threebedroom homes starting from PS95,000.
Bluebell Fantasy's father Climate Control disappointed at stud, with only Mesedo Blue and Wise Thought approaching his own lofty ability on the track, but he introduced the Larkhill Jo/Staplers Jo cross which has proved such an asset to Brett Lee, and may have clicked at the second attempt.
The bluebell starts growing in January with its sole purpose to flower before the other woodland ( http://www.
A trademark of the British countryside, we are offering nursery-raised bulbs of the true English bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta.
CATHY Owen wrote, in a recent restaurant review for the Echo's Play supplement (June 5), that the pub now known as the Goat Major was only known as the Bluebell for "a few brief years".