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of white tinged with blue

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However, the kids' performance was indistinguishable between the low-intensity blue-white light and full-strength reddish light.
With glow-in-the dark blue-white legs, white socks and a fetching pair of man boobs on display in the swish Italian resort of Portofino, we're amazed his young filly agreed to accompany him out in public.
Sauerbruch & Hutton have used their familiar palette of colours: magenta, ochre, burnt sienna, pale blue-white and so on, to generate an abstract pattern of vertical rectangles, which wanders gently over the whole facade.
In BYU's Blue-White spring game, Brandon recorded three unassisted tackles, including one for a 9-yard loss.
The three are as follows: Vega, a bright blue white star in the small constellation of Lyra; Denab,a blue-white super giant star at the back end of Cygnus the swan; Altair, a bright white star in Aquila the eagle.
The one-side coated paperboard has an ultra-bright, blue-white styling and smooth surface, as well as excellent embossing/debossing, foil stamping film and foil lamination performance, executives said.
Responsive to light and shadow as well as to air currents, the blue-white pouches seemed to breathe.
Designed by Ring Automotive to mimic the distinctive blue-white light produced by lighting fitted to the top-of-the-range models, they're a snip at pounds 39.
Astronomers determine the Pistol Star's temperature by its blue-white color.
New standard colors are metallic silver, ivory, beige, blue-white, and a high-jetness black called Black Max, as well as FDA-sanctioned white and black products.
Clothed in pristine white unitards and bathed in surreal pools of blue-white light, the dancers are set against a backdrop of ever-changing cloud formations that mirror the lush emotional shifts imbedded in the neoromantic Symphonies No.
How, driving in whiteout above tree line the summit road washed white blue-white gone to swirling powder, we gasp whirling inside the frosted sigh of the earth.
Then I too rose, put my feet in boots, my head beneath a cap, hands in gloves to walk about in the blue-white cold where snow like fallout fell, then rose with the wind, the air difficult to breathe almost as car exhaust, outer space, or flame, or fear.
The researchers removed some standard fluorescent lighting and installed new blue-white lamp prototypes developed by GE scientists at the company's Nela Park campus.
Washington, May 13 (ANI): Periods of blue-light, like daylight, produced from the blue-white lamp prototypes developed by GE scientists, could help people suffering from dementia and other health problems, according to researchers from Case Western Reserve University.