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Synonyms for blue-white

of white tinged with blue

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The Likud and Blue-White would then have a majority, would not need more partners, and would follow a center-right, more moderate policy.
According to the Daily Star, users on micro-blogging site Twitter have claimed that the 39-year-old football legend dressed his three boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, in the famous blue-white Argentina jersey with a goal to promote the kit's sponsor Adidas', as he has a 90 million pounds lifetime contract with them.
This radiant supergiant shines like a blue-white diamond and has a bluish 7th-magnitude sun just 9.6" to its south.
The Leaf Personal Light, designed by Yves Behar of San Francisco-based fuseproject for Herman Miller Inc., Zeeland, MI, uses innovative LED technology (a combination of blue-white and yellow-white LED chips that provide "cool" or "warm" illumination) to bring the human touch to lighting.
The reception area is similarly dressed in white glass flooring with stainless steel inserts and blue-white glass walls.
An optometrist assessed how well each student could read an eye chart under three conditions: bright blue-white fluorescent light, bright reddish-white fluorescent light, and the blue-white light at half its initial intensity.
It comes in basis weights from 38 to 60 lbs., has '84' brightness, and an enhanced blue-white shade.
Coliforms produce fluorescent colonies when exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light, while coliforms other than E.coli show blue-white fluorescence; E.coli colonies are blue in colour with blue to blue-green fluorescence and may exhibit a fluorescent halo.
Sauerbruch & Hutton have used their familiar palette of colours: magenta, ochre, burnt sienna, pale blue-white and so on, to generate an abstract pattern of vertical rectangles, which wanders gently over the whole facade.
The three are as follows: Vega, a bright blue white star in the small constellation of Lyra; Denab,a blue-white super giant star at the back end of Cygnus the swan; Altair, a bright white star in Aquila the eagle.
The one-side coated paperboard has an ultra-bright, blue-white styling and smooth surface, as well as excellent embossing/debossing, foil stamping film and foil lamination performance, executives said.
Responsive to light and shadow as well as to air currents, the blue-white pouches seemed to breathe.
In a sky already lit by a sun a hundred times larger than our own, the rising of a second brilliant, blue-white sun would be beautiful.