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of violet tinted with blue

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This species can be distinguished from Vrieseapereziana and its variety canescens (Andre) Gilmartin in having a much larger and more richly branched inflorescences, nearly glabrous floral bracts and blue to blue-violet (not green) petals.
This latest successful development is an all-semiconductor laser picosecond pulse source with a laser wavelength of 405 nanometers (1 nm = one-billionth of a meter) in the blue-violet region.
In this final image, suspicious areas and potential intraductal lesions appear blue-violet.
The drive -- measuring 14.6 centimeters by 4.15 cm by 18.4 cm -- uses a blue-violet laser diode.
The new SD-H903A drive integrates a blue-violet laser diode that can read and write to HD DVD-R discs and also offers support for high-density HD DVD-ROM discs, including high definition movie and video images, Toshiba said.
Already featured in Samsung's M55, the SD-L902A measures a mere 12.7-millimeters in height.It integrates a blue-violet laser that can read and write to HD DVD-R, access HD DVD-ROM media and act as a multi-drive to read and write to "all types" of standard DVD and CD discs.
While many in the industry compare violet- and thermal-exposure computer-to-plate systems, those moving toward the blue-violet light may have more to consider than they imagined only a few months ago.
In this contest, Sony, Apple, Dell, and a group of other manufacturers and movie studios are lining up behind the blue-violet laser high-def format for Blu-ray DVDs.
Adding red to create blue-violet does up the ante on deep blue to a more powerful position--it is the darkest color on the color wheel without adding black.
Fujifilm is currently developing a dye that will provide an efficient, reliable media for the high-capacity and high transfer rate needs of emerging Blue-Violet LASER write-once technology.
Beyond double-layer media, the next milestone in DVD development is the new class of blue-violet laser-based products.
Two formats are in contention to become the industry standard red lasers, the other novel blue-violet lasers.
Sony establishes mass output technology for blue-violet laser disks
The Blu-Ray format uses a blue-violet, rather than red, laser and, thanks to the shorter wavelength, can pack over five times the amount of info of a regular DVD into a single disc.