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Synonyms for blue-ribbon

Synonyms for blue-ribbon

selected or chosen for special qualifications


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That leaves only one way to get to the bottom of these matters: a bi-partisan, independent blue-ribbon commission.
Parks, who was chief of police when the Rampart scandal began, has refused to cooperate with the blue-ribbon panel's inquiry but nonetheless voted Monday to allow the group to proceed.
And of course this book isn't meant to be comprehensive - it features blue-ribbon trout streams, the state's best fisheries - and for that reason alone is a good choice for an angler's library.
She also cited the establishment of a blue-ribbon committee chaired by Bill Ouchi, dean of the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, which will explore ways to reform the district's budget system.
The commission also began formation of a blue-ribbon committee to find a permanent replacement for Katherine Mader, who, citing frustration over battles with police officials, resigned as inspector general in September.
Horton also ignored his own commitment to bond program oversight by attempting to bypass a Blue-Ribbon Citizens Oversight Committee appointed to oversee bond expenditures.
A blue-ribbon panel of the state's Judicial Council is expected to release a series of recommendations to the Legislature later this month.