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Synonyms for blue-purple

of purple tinged with blue

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Thirty shekels of blue-purple wool cost three shekels of silver (No.
For example, the characteristic blue-purple complex formed with iodine is used as an endpoint indicator in certain titrations and when determining the amylose content of starch.
Other striking varieties for spring include Elsa Spath, which has flowers of blue-purple with red anthers; Evening Star, plum-mauve very large blooms with overlapping, wavy petals; Fireworks, mauve with a red stripe and red anthers; and Horn of Plenty, very free-flowering with luminous mauve-pink flowers and red anthers.
But it's the flowers, not the leaves, that will stop you: the infertile top flowers are blue-purple, while the fertile bottom flowers are a deep violet.
Lavender's silver-grey foliage and blue-purple flowers compliment all flowers in pastel pinks, blues and white and looks just as stunning when partnered with red, yellow or orange.
But its finest glory comes in late spring, when spires of electric blue-purple Howers stretch toward the sky.
For a carpet of blue-purple flowers mostof the summer, try one of the creeping campanulas.
Small nursery plants hint at campanula's potential; to appreciate their full glory, give them a year to cover several square feet with blue-purple or white flowers.
Reddish purple "Royal Robe' is better for bouquets, lasting two to four days; blue-purple "Grandiflorum' wilts soon after cutting.
Photo: Two shades of purple: "Royal Robe' (lower left)is reddish purple; "Grandiflorum' (top), with dark stripes and a yellow center, is blue-purple
Another winner is the Chilean potato tree, which is covered with a mass of blue-purple or white flowers from mid-summer until the frosts.
Risingabove gray-green leaves, bright blue-purple flowers cluster tightly along 10-inch-long wands.
There is a definite trend towards regal colours in the 2003 seed catalogues, with plenty of blue-purples and golden blooms.