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cut or eliminate


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To make up for the money that he had hoped new off-shore oil drilling would generate, he blue-penciled cuts to social services, including a massive blow to the Healthy Families program that provides low-cost health coverage to children and teens whose families don't qualify for Medi-Cal.
Light] spotlights many instances in which Woolf drafted portraits of working women as part of her overall attempt to depict life more comprehensively than her literary forebears, but blue-penciled them out of the final versions because (Light persuasively speculates) she knew she could not truthfully enter the lives of people whose experiences were so different from hers.
Map, meanwhile, was an example of the blue-penciled, paint-by-number-style drawings Alvarez has been making for some time.
Davis blue-penciled $1 million for a 5,000-seat arena and $1.
A good copyeditor could have blue-penciled such phrases as "pesky General Grant" (64), "butternut horde" (83), "steamrolling blue avalanche" (85), "onrushing blue tide" (87), "outnumbered ghosts in gray" (101), and the many, many others like them into the oblivion they deserve.