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cut or eliminate


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I have never ever seen such blue-pencil cheek from a very highly paid "suit" from the bus industry.
The governor's spokesmen have indicated he will blue-pencil any bill he believes hampers job creation and puts California at a competitive disadvantage, leaving the minimum wage bill with Schwarzenegger's veto all but preprinted on it.
Dear Editor, -Former Centro Director-General Bob Tarr has a blue-pencil cheek criticising thecurrent councillors and officers of 'frittering away' his legacy of a comprehensive Metro network (Post, Nov 17).
The 120 members of the state Legislature haven't even sent him a balanced budget on time for the past two years, to sign, blue-pencil or veto.
The governor was apparently in a blue-pencil mode and decided to go through it with his blue pencil,'' Tom Duffy, school district superintendent, said Tuesday.