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cut or eliminate


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Mass closure of our precious state parks was taken off the table, although the Governor used his line-item veto to blue-pencil more cuts after the Legislature sent the budget to him, which put at least some parks in jeopardy again.
I'd like to be the blue-pencil man for a while in a newspaper office, and cut out the things that ought to be cut out.
Take a blue pencil to my memories Blue-pencil my memories Line out all
The editor would have to blue-pencil all my adjectives.
I have never ever seen such blue-pencil cheek from a very highly paid "suit" from the bus industry.
The governor's spokesmen have indicated he will blue-pencil any bill he believes hampers job creation and puts California at a competitive disadvantage, leaving the minimum wage bill with Schwarzenegger's veto all but preprinted on it.