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cut or eliminate


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Colour is also invoked by judges who order blue-pencil severance.
Because of this, the court rewrote--that is, "blue-penciled"--the covenant to effectively narrow it by precluding Hirschberg only from servicing those clients with whom he had developed a relationship as a result of his employment with BDO (BDO Seidman, pp.
To make up for the money that he had hoped new off-shore oil drilling would generate, he blue-penciled cuts to social services, including a massive blow to the Healthy Families program that provides low-cost health coverage to children and teens whose families don't qualify for Medi-Cal.
The editor would have to blue-pencil all my adjectives.
I have never ever seen such blue-pencil cheek from a very highly paid "suit" from the bus industry.
The Court also considered "blue-pencil severance" which involves deleting part of the clause.
Dear Editor, -Former Centro Director-General Bob Tarr has a blue-pencil cheek criticising thecurrent councillors and officers of 'frittering away' his legacy of a comprehensive Metro network (Post, Nov 17).
GTC aka Tom lightly blue-penciled some words of the dark dramatis persona for printing in this family newspaper.
While she blue-pencils the pithiest paragraph in the entire piece, I make a mental note: 'Must be kinder.' "And you CERTAINLY mustn't write this, not even about the Byreman!
Also, true excellence in writing will be quickly blue-penciled into oblivion."
We also memorized the paper's stylebook and always had The Book of Associations and Webster's Unabridged Dictionary close at hand as we boldly blue-penciled paper copy.