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Synonyms for blue-grey

of grey tinged with blue

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The everpopular Festuca glauca has slender, blue-grey hair-like leaves
Written with true originality by Joanne Crawford and distinctively illustrated by Grace Fielding, A Home For Bilby is about a small Australian marsupial with blue-grey silky fur that is called a "bilby".
In West Arcade, colours will be warm hues of grey, from blue-grey and green-grey, to red.
79 Almost identical gorgeous blue-grey colour, but slightly more sparkly, so apply sparingly
Those vehicles, modelled after World War I ambulances and painted a blue-grey -- "a better match for prairie dust and mud" -- carried the women, their Sunday school lessons and minimal provisions to remote communities in western and northern Canada.
Elevator vestibules on each floor are now defined by pilasters and finished with blue-grey granite.
Three separate areas of mineralization continue to produce well-formed blue-grey rough sapphires.
An elderly blue-grey cat was found in a cardboard box in Greenway Road, Rumney.
5" frame blue-grey Muddy Fox Hustle with 26" alloy wheels, dual suspension and 18 speed gears and model number 08969BA.
He was wearing a blue-grey zip-up Adidas tracksuit top, a green Adidas hoodie, black Nike tracksuit bottoms, and black Reebok trainers.
The girl, who is not being named, was wearing pale blue-grey tracksuit bottoms and a navy tracksuit top and carrying a pale blue canvas bag containing baby equipment.
The stolen blue-grey Rover 214S had been seen by witnesses being driven erratically in Brendon Way, on the town's Grove Farm housing estate.
PIPPA SAYS: The various sprays that you buy in garden centres help to prevent or slow down needle drop, but if you have one of the blue-grey needle varieties of tree, they tend to hold the vast majority of needles without too much help.
Detectives are carrying out forensic tests on a blue-grey Rover belonging to Farik Farukh found in Suffolk.
He is described as white, 5'9" tall, of average build, with blue-grey eyes, a ruddy complexion with short, wavy, mousy coloured thinning hair.