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Synonyms for blue-grey

of grey tinged with blue

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Histopathologically, the multiple blue-grey dots represent melanophages in the papillary dermis.3 This finding corresponds to the histopathological abnormalities found in lichen planopilaris and discoid lupus erythematosus resulting from interface dermatitis and the subsequent pigment incontinence.
Blue-grey fibres matching his tracksuit bottoms were found on four and the mix of fibres allegedly showed each had been in contact with items in his home.
Festuca glauca is popular, with its slender, blue-grey hair-like leaves, growing to around 18in (45cm) high, producing insignificant violet-tinged flower spikes in earlysummer.
"The quality of the meat from the Blue-Grey bullock is what more of the specialist butchers are looking for."
The blazer is described as deep blue-grey with a burgundy stripe, while the striped tie is red, green and royal blue.
The first section opens dramatically, with three couples (Jock Soto, Edwaard Liang, Ask la Cour, with, respectively, Wendy Whelan, Sofiane Sylve, Maria Kowroski) dressed in silvery blue-grey unitards creating a striking tableau to the opening chords.
Written with true originality by Joanne Crawford and distinctively illustrated by Grace Fielding, A Home For Bilby is about a small Australian marsupial with blue-grey silky fur that is called a "bilby".
In West Arcade, colours will be warm hues of grey, from blue-grey and green-grey, to red.
STEAL: Rimmel shimmer eyeshadow in Star Gaze, pounds 2.79 Almost identical gorgeous blue-grey colour, but slightly more sparkly, so apply sparingly
The new colors include Invernes, a soft grey; Cream; Stratford, a warm yellow-grey; Brighton, a blue-grey; Highland, an olive grey; Shetland, a brown-grey; and New Castle, a grey-black mix.
Those vehicles, modelled after World War I ambulances and painted a blue-grey -- "a better match for prairie dust and mud" -- carried the women, their Sunday school lessons and minimal provisions to remote communities in western and northern Canada.
The newspaper said that the New York motor show in late March featured many blue and blue-grey cars, including DaimlerChrysler's PT Cruiser convertible concept car in a rich metallic blue, Pontiac's roadster concept in frosty blue and the Mini in bright blue with a white roof.
Elevator vestibules on each floor are now defined by pilasters and finished with blue-grey granite.
The incident took place at 10.55am on Sunday and involved a blue Mazda 6S car, a blue-grey Audi A2 car and a silver Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck.
An elderly blue-grey cat was found in a cardboard box in Greenway Road, Rumney.