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of a bluish shade of green

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Though most blue-green algae are harmless, some can produce toxic chemicals that cause sickness in people and animals.
The difference between the two is that blue-green algae has deadly effects.A
Blue-green algae blooms may appear as green or greenish-brown scum on the surface of water and can contain toxins that can be harmful to animals if ingested, even in small quantities.
Closer to home in the UK there have been multiple reports of dogs dying due to outbreaks of the deadly blue-green algae.
When this happens, blue-green algae can look like green flakes, greenish bundles or brown dots in a pond, lake or stream, according to the Blue Cross animal charity.
"We have taken samples from Cooper Park in Elgin to test for blue-green algae," she said.
Blue-green algaehas been seen at Fleet Pond and a warning has now been issued to remind people of the potential harm the toxic algae can cause.
King Charles Cavalier Kendall fell ill within minutes of paddling in a lake which was contaminated with toxic blue-green algae.
On both coasts, blue-green algae in rivers have sickened people and raised questions about the advisability of eating fish from those waters.
"Not all blue-green algae blooms and scums are toxic, but you can't tell by looking at them, so it's best to assume they are.
AN OUTBREAK of blue-green algae - which can kill dogs - has been confirmed in Roath Park Lake in Cardiff by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).
A TOXIC blue-green algae has been confirmed in Bridgend.
Water containing the blooms looks green, blue-green or greenish-brown and scums can form which can look like paint, mousse or small clumps.
Police are warning dog -walkers and parents to keep their pooches and kids out of the water at Strathclyde Park due to potentially fatal blue-green algae.
Blue-green algae blooms, often referred to as HABs or "harmful algae blooms," are overgrowths of cyanobacteria.