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Synonyms for blue-gray

of grey tinged with blue

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The steins were either blue-gray stoneware or cream stoneware.
combines clean and simple blue-gray and white coloring with a dynamically configured warm-color pattern, creating a look and feel that is consistent with the Group's ambition, scale and dynamism.
A decorative blue-gray scrim that was installed to cover the scaffolding preserves the shape of the monument and replicates its marble blocks.
but to marry my morning coffee to a cigarette to a new blue-gray light
The beetle killed blue pine can vary in color from blue, to blue-gray to gray.
His physical examination revealed tachycardia 1110 beats/min), increased pulse pressure (BP: 140/60 mmHg), and blue-gray pigmentation of the face (figure 1).
"I always say the blue in blue pine should be in quotes because it can be blue but more often it's a gray or blue-gray. Ponderosa pine, another hard hit species, will give a totally different color," said Misak.
The blue-gray gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) occurs widely in North America.
The other 20% of the flooring is a darker blue-gray limestone that also contains ammonoids and belemnoids.
with black and gold and then the blue-gray leaking of rivers and
Silvery Dymondia margaretae, planted in patches and as a path edging, unifies all the foliage--from agave to senecio to lavender--with blue-gray tones.
At the same time, the overall application of a chilled designerly palette of white, blue-gray, cerise, and ocher holds it all together as a gestalt, a floating, brainlike mass.
Medium colors such as blue-gray or medium charcoal project less authority.
Madison Court's neutral, blue-gray scroll pattern is accented with subtle shadings of lavender and green, and has a contrasting accent plate.