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having blue flowers

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GOOD blue-flowered shrubs are so few and far between they can probably be numbered on the fingers of one hand.
This year there's also a delightful blue-flowered variety, called 'Blue Showers', from Paul Ecke Ranch; it's sold under the Flower Fields label.
Now, bed after bed of untrampled crimson clover, entangled by vines of blue-flowered hairy vetch, adorn the grounds beneath the stately, spreading trees.
Not the first lawn weedkiller but one with a specific claim, to be able to kill a plant that some consider pretty and others a pervasive weed - the blue-flowered slender speedwell.
To continue looking its best, this silver-foliaged, blue-flowered beauty should have its previous year's shoots cut back to strong, outward-facing buds.