blue-eyed grass

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plant with grasslike foliage and delicate blue flowers

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Blue-eyed grass can be found all along the River Walk slope.
Elfin thyme makes up most of the green "mortar," but Smith tucked in a few surprises as well, such as blue-eyed grass, lemon thyme, and sea pink (Armeria maritima) as "purposeful accidents" to make the grid seem less controlled.
Not their exile who returns after the war, stands bewildered at their graves, hip-deep in blue-eyed grass, trying to decipher names that already belong to the earth.
Irises, lilies of the valley, geraniums, and blue-eyed grass are good bets just about anywhere.
South River Falls Trail, near Swift Run Gap, features these flowers plus Virginia waterleaf, blue-eyed grass, sweet cicely, buttercup, and white clintonia.
The gardens you've designed are being stocked with beautiful plants that are native to Manhattan, like Bluebells, Blue-eyed Grass, Blue Wood Aster.
Try Arctostaphylos, blue-eyed grass, bush anemone, Fremontodendron, Heuchera, mahonia, monkey flower, Pacific Coast iris, Penstemon heterophyllus purdyi, Salvia clevelandii, and Western columbine.