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tropical American bird resembling a blue jay and having greenish and bluish plumage

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Several avian species involved in this case management were managed cooperatively via Species Survival Plans of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and were recommended to produce offspring for transfer to other institutions, including the Bali mynahs, blue-crowned motmots, black-necked stilts, blue-crowned laughing thrush, blue-grey tanagers, lesser green broadbills, white-headed buffalo weavers, Cape thick-knee, fairy bluebirds, golden-breasted starlings, laughing kookaburra, Micronesian kingfishers, red-billed leothrix, green-naped pheasant pigeons, and sunbittern.
Blue-crowned motmots remained persistently infected at other institutions despite several different treatment modalities.
Based on overrepresentation of blue-crowned motmots in reported cases, additional treatment options were investigated.
Based on observations during this study and communications with other affected institutions, passerine birds are considered high-risk species for air sac trematodiasis, and blue-crowned motmots are potential carriers for Szidatitrema species.
(Digenia: Cyclocoelidae: Cyclocoelinae) from a captivehatched blue-crowned motmot, Momotus momota (Momotidae).