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Synonyms for blue-collar

of or designating manual industrial work or workers

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of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers

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The gap was largest in Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, where the difference in positivity between white-collar workers and blue-collar workers was eight percentage points, likely reflecting long-term growth in jobs requiring advanced skills.
For blue-collar respondents, participating in gyms was highest at 8%.
This amounts to about 30,000 fewer blue-collar positions, "the vast majority of which were production jobs, including factory jobs," reads the report, which classified jobs in manufacturing, retail sales, driving, food preparation and construction as blue-collar.
It was determined that the sample for this study should be drawn from a firm engaged in manufacturing operations employing both white and blue-collar workers.
Figure 2 shows the employers' contributions and workers' deductions as a function of wages, both for white- and blue-collar workers.
The plant employs approximately 360 employees, of which 260 are blue-collar and 100 are white-collar.
The rise in the blue-collar unemployment rate in the year to March was three times greater than for workers with managerial and professional skills, according to researchers.
Lee cited his study of 8-year smoking trends by occupational category based on NHIS data in which the 20 occupations with the highest smoking rates (all greater than 40%) were blue-collar jobs, and included bartenders, waiters, maintenance workers, truck drivers, and carpenters (J.
TIME FOR ACTION: Scotland has a shortage of blue-collar workers
Blue-collar workers, like those working for the Department of Water and Power, L.
This qualitative research project investigated male blue-collar workers' understanding of health determinants, gender issues related to health, and workplace health promotion.
Disability Insurance Moves into the Blue-Collar Arena: For years, disability insurance has been too costly for widespread distribution to blue-collar employees.
White-collar workers who shrugged off the suffering of their blue-collar brothers and sisters over the last two decades now have a much different perspective on all that union grousing.
Listen to John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" and you'll understand that the blue-collar beast is the product of great injury.
Blue-collar American workers complain that many of their jobs have moved to Mexico as a result of an economic agreement called