blue chip

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a common stock of a nationally known company whose value and dividends are reliable

a blue poker chip with the highest value

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Another linebacker the Ducks are thought to be considering is prep blue-chipper Rey Maualuga, and he recently told Scout.
That might never be more important than it will be with this young group, with the superstar from Detroit, and the blue-chipper in his own right from California (Bryce Taylor), and the highly regarded wing from Texas (Chamberlain Oguchi), and the all-stater from Oregon (Maarty Leunen), all needing to blend with each other and the guys already here.
We were chasing sleeper after sleeper instead of blue-chipper after blue-chipper,'' Floyd said.
Drew, a former high school blue-chipper waiting for a chance with the Bruins, had one of the most explosive games by a true freshman in school history as UCLA's dormant running game finally exploded.
Sure, there might be mistakes made on a blue-chipper who may slide a little bit in the draft, but believe me, scouts are not going to make a mistake on whether a kid can play or not.
When blue-chippers like this lot choose China to launch and build their latest offerings, you know which way the wind is blowing.