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Synonyms for blue-chip

being among the leaders in one's field

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extremely valuable

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In the empirical analysis, we first combine the data for the three countries and analyze the overall level of international diversification in blue-chip versus mid-cap stock market indices.
Major industry players were concerned as there are possibilities are fears of a fall in quarterly earnings in the blue-chip firms.(ANI)
Tokyo stocks opened higher Tuesday as investors bought major blue-chips after a sharp rebound in U.S.
As one of the region's leading names in supply chain solutions, Indigo has already established a credible reputation with its blue-chip client base.
Birmingham-based software development and outsourcing company Ridgian is looking to boost its blue-chip business after notching up impressive growth during the past six months.
The Federal government recognizes the strength and stability of blue-chip fine art, he points out.
In the week of August 7; the blue-chip index rose an impressive 260 points, or 2.4%, to 11,027, breaking the milestone mark for the first time since the second quarter.
Several blue-chip stocks that made sharp gains recently, including China Telecom, Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong Holdings, saw a drop in their prices, pulling down the Hang Seng, traders said.
"The more dynamic airport managements should have no problem in attracting blue-chip retailers onto their premises, drawn by the blue-chip customers which we, the airlines, deliver to them."
Naked boy beauties diving into pools, lounging in the aubade sheets, showering together or alone, sprucing up various hosts' environs - at first they lent his art a casual note of scandal, though to some it now seems passe or, even worse, safe and blue-chip. The earlier period is seen as quaint, and most of his recent endeavors - flowers, dogs, landscapes - are shelved, somehow not worthy of contemplation, which is one meaning of "blue-chip."
12, the Nasdaq composite index - which consists largely of smaller stocks - has dipped 13.1 percent, while indexes that track blue-chip stocks have remained flat.
After seven sessions of losses, the blue-chip index rose 0.34 per cent to 7,531.72 points.
LONDON'S premier index drifted lower after research pointing to a slump in consumer confidence took its toll on blue-chip stocks.
SHANGHAI, Ramadan 14, 1438, Jun 9, 2017, SPA -- China stocks rose on Friday, helping the blue-chip index have its best week since November and close at its highest in 17 months thanks to solid data, a slowing in the pace of new listings and a central bank move to ease liquidity worries, Reuters reported.