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Synonyms for blue-black

of black tinged with blue


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Results suggest that covering the blue-black cloth targets with sticky wraps may block the wavelengths of light that attract the flies, says Hogsette.
We captured male Blue-black Grassquits with mist nets from December 2012 to March 2013, in Fazenda Agua Limpa (15[degrees]56'S, 47[degrees]56'W), a farm property of the University of Brasilia, Brazil, in an area of disturbed native savanna (2.
The Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada-based trade association representing mussel processors and some 150 mostly family-owned mussel farmers is seeking to increase consumption of the little blue-black mollusks in the U.
The uniformed personnel is prone to saying the old blue-black rivalry ain't what she used to be.
aquifolium grows to around 3ft, its leaves of spiny-toothed leaflets turning red in winter and the clusters of scented yellow flowers opening in spring, followed by blue-black berries.
From the top: Spiderman, stricken, on the roof of a building against a blue-black sky; Jimmy Stewart dangling from the gutter in Hitchcock's Vertigo, face distorted into a Munch-like rotten potato; a blue King Kong lying dead and monumental at the foot of the World Trade Center.
The slave woman survives and gives birth to Sapphire, "strong and slender as a reed, blue-black and smoldering with the promise of hellfire in her narrowed eyes.
Not that he'll get a peek of it in this movie whose predominant hue is blue-black.
The glossy blue-black snake, endangered in the state, is one of the country's largest reptiles, growing up to 8 feet long.
Following the completion of the assay, the appearance of blue-black colored bands allows for the visualization of HCV antibody reactivity.
Folk all colored from pale and yellow to midnight blue-black never just stand back and watch they gon' say it how they see it how they feel 'bout everything and then some from roaches to do-rags from daddy-do right to David Ku-Klux Duke to sisters wringing the barest budget for another meal So, here's a taste begun in a roux sauteed in lines like "trust a man as far as you can see him 'cause you know stiff stuff don't have no conscience"
The historic high grade gold values reported by previous owners of the property were recorded in blue-black quartz boulders in three distinct "trains" with the highest value of 521.
The berries will be ready for harvesting from July to September when they have turned to a rich, deep blue-black colour and are slightly soft to the touch.
Wearing yellow and blue-black jackets, the wardens will be on duty from 7am until 10.
Look for firm, plump, dry berries with deep purple-blue to blue-black color with smooth skins and a silvery sheen.