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Synonyms for blue-black

of black tinged with blue


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into a resined sunset, evaporated into a blue-black night,
standing here outside the door as snow filters across the blue-black
Ose and Hogsette evaluated the effectiveness of blue-black cloth targets covered with clear sticky wraps to capture stable flies.
Fragrant, white, dome-shaped flowers emerge from pink buds from December to May, followed by dark blue-black fruit.
The purplish white summer flowers are followed by fleshy blue-black berries.
The Blue-black Grassquit Volatinia jacarina (Linnaeus, 1766), popularly known in Brazil as "tiziu", is an inhabitant of open areas, and also common near cities (Marcondes-Machado, 1988).
If starch is present, a reaction will occur, forming a blue-black stain.
Wearing yellow and blue-black jackets, the wardens will be on duty from 7am until 10.30pm.
aquifolium grows to around 3ft, its leaves of spiny-toothed leaflets turning red in winter and the clusters of scented yellow flowers opening in spring, followed by blue-black berries.
From the top: Spiderman, stricken, on the roof of a building against a blue-black sky; Jimmy Stewart dangling from the gutter in Hitchcock's Vertigo, face distorted into a Munch-like rotten potato; a blue King Kong lying dead and monumental at the foot of the World Trade Center.
The slave woman survives and gives birth to Sapphire, "strong and slender as a reed, blue-black and smoldering with the promise of hellfire in her narrowed eyes." By age five, Sapphire is taken away from her mother and sold.
Not that he'll get a peek of it in this movie whose predominant hue is blue-black.
The glossy blue-black snake, endangered in the state, is one of the country's largest reptiles, growing up to 8 feet long.
Folk all colored from pale and yellow to midnight blue-black never just stand back and watch they gon' say it how they see it how they feel 'bout everything and then some from roaches to do-rags from daddy-do right to David Ku-Klux Duke to sisters wringing the barest budget for another meal So, here's a taste begun in a roux sauteed in lines like "trust a man as far as you can see him 'cause you know stiff stuff don't have no conscience"