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The oil exploration platform is the latest version of the Blue Whale series developed by China Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore.
New Delhi [India], Oct 27 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court will on Friday hear a plea to ban the deadly Blue Whale game.
In what is considered as first detention in Pakistan of Blue Whale suicidal game, the arrests were made following a request by Interpol in which it shared information with the government of Pakistan and requested action.
The Blue Whale Challenge made headlines last month after reports claimed that at least 130 teenagers in Russia were instigated to take their own lives by closed social media groups.
The Blue Whale game related deaths have also been reported in Pakistan, where authorities seem unmoved to take notice of the happening.
He informed about the history of this game that Blue whale game was released in 2013, however, it became popular in recent times in Russia and many other countries.
According to Metro news of London, the Blue Whale Challenge is a game that exists online and sees curators of the game seeking out impressionable teens through social media before subjecting them to a 50-day challenge.
The Blue Whale Challenge is a dangerous game that plays with a person's psyche.
New Delhi: The government will take action against Internet-based social media platforms if they fail to remove links to the deadly Blue Whale Challenge game which has led children to suicide in the country, Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Wednesday.
However, a new trend has emerged called the Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge that has been blamed for at least 15 suicides or attempted suicides among children so far this year.
THE huge heart of a blue whale - the largest creature in history - is on display in a rare exhibition.
THE newest exhibit at the Natural History Museum is a skeleton of a blue whale, although it's not clear how they know it was blue if it's just bones now.
One of the dares include the use of razors to draw a whale directly on the skin, which gave the game its namesake, said Al-Roumi who indicated that after the Blue Whale reaches the end, it would ask the players to end their lives.
UKPRwire, Wed Jul 12 2017] Leading web design company in Warrington, Blue Whale Media Ltd, gets a new address.