blue wall of silence

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the secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers

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He sees an opportunity to break down the blue wall of silence that has.
The investigation opens up the Blue Wall of Silence, where cop culture stops the truth coming out.
Yet he insists that even systemic outrages such as police brutality and gratuitous racial profiling--and monstrosities such as the lynching of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas (which prompted swift convictions and an outpouring of local white contrition) and New York's Abner Louima case (which broke the blue wall of silence and sent the cop who'd tortured him to prison for 30 years)--are horrific precisely because they stand out against a backdrop of steady improvement whose breakthroughs are so unexpected they're often denied.
It seems as if Skolnick is attempting to say that the Diallo trial was a case where the Blue Wall of Silence had an impact.
The so-called blue wall of silence further protects them in their illegal arrests and unprovoked violence by punishing fellow cops who have the courage to blow the whistle.