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cheese containing a blue mold

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Master Cheesemakers Ken Heiman and Tom Torkelson have brought their combined 60-plus years of experience to create this semi-soft cheese that has a Monterey Jack body marbled with blue veins throughout the white curd.
The drill target is an approximately 50-meter wide, 500-meter long, gold bearing shear zone uncovered by surface trenching in 2000 (the Blue Vein Zone).
The "Middle Brabantweg blue vein" includes the construction of a section of the so-called blue vein.
I have a basket outside my patio in the summer filled with the petunia Surfinia Blue Vein, whose flowers have a deep blue throat which pales into the white outer petal.
7 million litres), but production of blue vein cheese was up about 5% and long-life territorials almost 6%.
Influenced by bands such as Love, The Stone Roses and Buffalo Springfield, the bands' sunny melodies were an antidote to the lad rock often associated with Britpop and inspired a devoted following with a number of fanzines like In A Blue Vein and Driftwood springing up in their name.
Troy Hardaway, married only by common law, was a bad mulatto singer for Ed Small's nightclub and a member of the notorious Harlem Blue Vein Circle for light-skinned coloreds.
The prospective stratigraphy hosting the Blue Vein, Twinings, Van Uden and Lounge Lizard deposits on the Bounty tenements also extends onto the Outokumpu tenements.
Our collection consists of the soft-pink Susan's Bliss, the white with blue vein English Cottage and the blue-and-yellow Nibelungen.
Spencer's one of the great doers of modern art, whose talent could do justice to everything from the faintest blue vein on a female breast to a panorama of wartime shipbuilders.
The Program was organized by Blue Vein and District Bar Association under Gender Equity Program (GEP) of Aurat foundation.
CREAMERY PRODUCTION PRODUCT 2004 2005 % CHANGE Cheddar 232 258 11 Long life * 25 23 -8 Short life * 12 13 8 Blue vein 10 11 10 Mozzarella 53 56 6 Other cheese 19 22 16 TOTAL ([pounds sterling]) 352 383 9 Source: Defra.
50 (inc p&p) - three each of the spectacular Hot Pink and Blue Vein.
At Blue Vein, located 4 km to the south of the Bounty mine, shallow, steeply dipping, north to south striking lodes of gold mineralization have been discovered by reverse circulation percussion drilling over a strike length of 1,500 meters.
New Gold Deposits The surface drilling program has discovered new deposits at Blue Vein and Teddy Bear (near the Bounty Mill) and an extension to the existing open pit mine at Lounge Lizard.