blue thistle

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a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers

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She carried a Victorian summer bouquet of bride's dream peonies, blue thistle, hydrangeas, and garden roses, with accents of Chestine Gowdy peonies and succulents.
Cardoon (Cynara):These sil-very clumps have felt-like,arching leaves with iridescent violet blue thistle flowers.
PLANT OF THE WEEK Sea holly (Eryngium) ITcontrasts well with deep greens and purple foliage plants, standing out from the crowd with its spiky silver leaves, blue thistle heads and soft flowers.
The first 3,000 racegoers to enter the Gordon and Richmond Enclosures will be handed blue thistle buttonholes, while young racegoers will be given Union Jack flags to wave.
The groom and his party wore boutonnieres made from use spray roses, silver brunia, and blue thistle wrapped in twine.
She carried a nosegay bouquet of ivory cabbage roses and blue thistle.