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slender cosmopolitan, pelagic shark

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Director Craig Hadley said: "We have blue sharks delivered every now and again but this one stood out for being bigger than normal.
With the expert advice from Andrew proving invaluable, the club's next trip is eagerly being awaited in the search for more blue sharks.
Luke Warwick will speak about the need for conservation measures for porbeagle, shortfin mako, and blue sharks
Experienced fisherman Nigel Hodge watched in disbelief as a real-life Jaws tore apart a smaller blue shark (pictured far right) on the end of his line.
An improved second half performance from the Blue Sharks saw them come from behind to stun Angola.
Blue sharks are also occasionally sought as game fish for their beauty and speed.
Large pelagic sharks, particularly blue sharks, which form a large part of the international shark fin trade (Clarke et al.
He insisted people have nothing to fear from Blue Sharks as they are normally found at least six miles offshore.
DAVE Axtell and his son Kevin took a break from running their charter boat Seren y Mor to go shark fishing off Milford Haven and they caught and released four blue sharks between 80lb and 110lb.
THE ONES YOU COULD BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO SEE * Blue sharks Fisherman Wayne Little had the shock of a lifetime this week after hauling one of the most lethal shark species in the world off a beach in Milford Haven.
Blue sharks and threshers are hitting well 20 miles out from the Vineyard.
An analysis of fin trade records showed that blue sharks are the major component of the world's largest shark fin market (Clarke et al.
Riker had his first encounter with about 20 blue sharks off the coast of San Diego in 1982.
Shark Trust Chairman Richard Pierce said blue sharks were rare in the North Sea and added: "It is not alarming but it is unusual for one to be spotted so close to shore.
WHEN he was a kid growing up in the Wellington fishing village of Island Bay, Chris Killen was never happier than when he was hauling in giant blue sharks.