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slender cosmopolitan, pelagic shark

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"But one day we caught a blue shark that weighed close to a ton.
Sharks like the makos have almost no enemies except parasites, killer whales, sharks (including the great white and the blue shark) and man.
Abstract: A total of 80 specimens of Pandarus satyrus, a cosmopolitan ectoparasitic copepod, were taken from fishery catches of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) in the Eastern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
This means they always weigh more than water and therefore sink, although some species, such as the tiger shark, have oily livers weighing up to 220 lb (100 kg), or the blue shark, whose liver weighs 20% of its body weight.
Distribution and relative abundance of the blue shark, Prionace glauca, in the southwestern equatorial Atlantic Ocean.
Named for the largest undisturbed barrier island along the southern part of the North Carolina coast, the drink is Blue Shark Vodka's way to pay homage to the surrounding natural beauty of New Hanover County.
Extraordinary pictures showed terrified holidaymakers running out of the water as a blue shark described at the time as eight foot long headed towards families with children on lilos.
One of these is the blue shark (Prionace glauca), which is considered a key cosmopolitan pelagic species that exerts top-down control on community structure (Stevens et al., 2000).
Meanwhile, Ben Fogle has a much more dangerous task, travelling to the paradise Isles of Scilly to search for the enigmatic blue shark.
Andrew is a charter skipper, but his quarry for six months of the year are shark; blue shark, porbeagle shark and mako shark.
Blue shark caught by James Flynn (left) from Huyton, | |Kev McKie (right) - weighed 159lb at Milford Haven
ASCOT: 1.50 Times Up, 2.25 Society Rock, 3.00 Vita Nova, 3.35 Frankel, 4.10 GREEN DESTINY (NAP), 4.45 Pleasant Day CATTERICK: 1.45 Quite A Thing, 2.20 Act Your Shoe Size, 2.55 Favourite Girl, 3.30 Zain Point, 4.00 Shayla, 4.40 Just Lille, 5.15 Mark Anthony, 5.50 Hi Dancer CHELTENHAM: 2.05 Round Tom, 2.40 Finger Onthe Pulse, 3.15 Plan A, 3.50 Balthazar King, 4.25 Joker Choker, 4.55 Pure Faith, 5.30 Ashtown Boy KELSO: 1.35 Caught In The Act, 2.10 Blue Shark, 2.45 Dr Flynn, 3.25 According To Pete, 3.55 Weetfromthechaff, 4.30 Right Enough, 5.05 Soul Magic, 5.40 Funky Munky WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.25 Stargazing, 6.00 Yourinthewill, 6.30 Locum, 7.00 Coastal Passage, 7.30 Master Of Disguise, 8.00 Prickles, 8.30 So Wise, 9.00 Aussie Blue DOUBLE: Green Destiny and Society Rock
'Sgota Gyda Julian Lewis Jones (8.25pm) Co-presenter Rhys Llywelyn and Julian Lewis Jones travel from Milford Haven in search of the porbeagle and the fierce blue shark, hoping to catch a specimen of the species.
The same horse bids to double up 100% Malcolm Jefferson has scored with all three of his previous runners in novice chases at Hexham over the last four seasons (+pounds 16.73 to pounds 1 levels) and saddles Blue Shark (8.00) Ted Durcan always seems ro be underrated when riding for Saeed Bin Suroor.