blue sage

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Synonyms for blue sage

sage of western North America to Central America having violet-blue flowers

Texas sage having intensely blue flowers

blue-flowered sage of dry prairies of the eastern United States

Related Words

aromatic shrub of arid regions of western North America having hoary leaves

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We have a long-standing relationship with the Blue Sage team and are delighted to have advised their portfolio company on this transaction.
In its first fund, Blue Sage invested in thirteen companies in a variety of industries.
Peter Huff, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Blue Sage, served on the R360 Board of Directors and helped steer R360, utilizing his significant experience from CRI.
Morin, owner of Blue Sage, as well other shop owners at the Westridge Village shopping center have been envisioning the foot traffic for months now, many since October when the more than dozen businesses opened there.
Energy Special Situations Funds (ESS Funds) and Blue Sage Capital (Blue Sage) also are part of the investor group.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Sage Capital, an Austin, Texas-based private investment firm, announced the closing of their oversubscribed second fund, with commitments totaling $150 million, 50% above target, with the help of Navatar Private Equity CRM.
com offers seeds for baby blue eyes, bird's eyes, blazing star, blue sage, California poppy, chicory, four o'clock, forget-me-not, Johnny jump-up and primroses along with other wildflowers.
Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Sold to Austin-Based Blue Sage Capital
We are serving a diverse customer base from fine dining at Lucier, to a more family casual environment at Blue Sage Cafe.
ESS Funds, a middle-market focused energy investment specialist, and Blue Sage Capital, the majority shareholder in CRI, also are part of the investor group.
My favorite is Guatemalan blue sage (Salvia cacaliifolia), with fresh light green, almost succulent, triangular leaves and matchless sky-blue flowers.
to Ashbrook Simon-Hartley, a holding of Atreides Capital, LLC and Blue Sage Capital LLC.
CONTACT: Pamela Campagna of BLUE SAGE, +1-508-735-6831, Pamelac@bluesageconsulting.
AUSTIN, Texas -- The Primus Sterilizer Company management team and Blue Sage Capital are pleased to announce that they recently completed a management-led buyout of the leading steam sterilizer company, Primus Sterilizer Company.
Media Contacts: Pam Campagna, BLUE SAGE for tvCompass Inc.