blue runner

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fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil

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A burly blue runner shaking his head on braid sends the shock right up through my elbows and into my molars.
Caption: Blue runner is rigged stinger-style, typical of king mackerel fishing, and will be sent down 50 feet on the downrigger.
A blue runner pulling drag will only attract more blue runners.
I prefer live bait, like a blue runner or large ballyhoo, but a dead bait can work well, especially if you are chunking at the same time.
When last seen she was wearing a white belly top, blue jeans and pink, white and blue runners.
"We are constantly on the hunt looking for cracks in the bottom from 125 feet out that should be holding vermilion snapper or blue runners that giant wahoo will be feeding on.
He was last seen clean- shaven, wearing a black bomber jacket, dark blue denim jeans, dark blue runners and a two-tone brown jumper.
Wearing a blue Adidas tracksuit, a Nike T-shirt and blue runners, O'Neill can be seen smiling for the camera in the sitting room of a house.
"You've got your scaly and non-scaly baits; I'll put two long lines out with goggle-eyes or blue runners. The vibration is key from bigger baits, even if they end up hitting the mid or short with a cigar minnow," said Capt.
She shouted at the boy, described as having fair hair and wearing blue runners, and he climbed back out.
However, a variety of live baits including menhaden, large Spanish sardines, bluefish, blue runners, whiting, croaker and virtually any live bait that can be barbed and slow trolled right in your boat's propwash.
He was last spotted wearing a fawn-coloured jumper, black tracksuit bottoms and blue runners.
One man had grey-white hair, was about 5ft 10ins and wearing dark leggings and a similar top while the second had dark grey hair and was wearing blue runners with a green stripe.
"The baits can be blue runners, fire tails, goggle-eyes, whatever we can get our hands on." Dobbins keeps these baits at the desired depth with a traditional lead.