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an independent and exclusive commission of nonpartisan statesmen and experts formed to investigate some important governmental issue

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The Blue Ribbon Commission must take the next step and recommend forward-looking policy priorities for used-fuel management.
In January, a Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Municipal Credit Enhancement recommended to NLC and the National Association of Counties (NACo) that they investigate the feasibility of creating a new mutual credit enhancement company owned and operated by local governments.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainability and the MTA recently released a synopsis of its final report on strategies that the transit agency and government officials can use to reduce the MTA region's environmental impact.
The legislature created the task force last winter and directed it to continue the work of a blue ribbon commission appointed by Gov.
In 2006, empowered by the perceived public support for change in the state, (2) the Washington State Legislature established the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Costs and Access (the "Commission").
Four members of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform outlined highlights of the recommendations at a Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce meeting on Feb.
For the second year following a Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Costs and Access, the Legislature is not passing recommendations to lower health insurance costs.
An even better one: "Of course, she could have pulled over and asked for help, but maybe there wasn't enough time to assemble a blue ribbon commission on directions"
The program makes coverage available for nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological attacks; requires the Treasury Department to report on the terrorism insurance market every two years, including analysis of terrorism insurance pricing impacts on commercial real estate; and establishes a blue ribbon commission tasked with recommending a long-term private market solution.
Members of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Solid Waste Management have voted 4-2 to recommend lifting the ban.
Jolene Koester immediately dressed Mazzuto in the school's colors, slapped a Matadors' hat on him and entrusted him with implementing the recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Commission last March.
Congress requested information concerning differences in cost estimates for implementing the Department of Defense's (DOD) homosexual conduct policy reported by GAO and a University of California Blue Ribbon Commission (Commission).
When The Conference Board created its Blue Ribbon Commission in 2002 to address the the corporate scandals that rocked the markets and public confidence, one of the areas it examined was executive compensation.
Member of Board/Committee: DC Vote, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, New Voters Project and ABA Blue Ribbon Commission on the Jury.
The council is also creating a blue ribbon commission, including representatives from Harvard and Stanford universities, to consider if the council is providing sufficient support to large districts.
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