blue poppy

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Chinese perennial having mauve-pink to bright sky blue flowers in drooping cymes

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David, of Kevock Nursery, Lasswade, said the blue poppy (meconopsis) is not quite the fabled flower but some regard it as almost the Holy Grail.
A couple of bubbling streams, tumbling their way over rocks are also encountered on your journey and clustered around the margins is another unexpected, beautiful sight - the blue poppy, meconopsis betonicifolia thriving in the moist, shady conditions.
Hoffman and Blasenbrei [2] found the average heavy metal content 0.739 mg.[kg.sup.-1] in the blue poppy seed from Germany.
QI have a beautiful blue poppy. Can I grow more from the seeds?
Laura Ashley has a blue poppy print cardigan for pounds 45 in its spring range.
Cleanser and toner both contain the delightful-sounding Himalayan Blue Poppy Water, not sure what it is but it left my skin feeling lovely.
The seeds are Bubble mint Golden Jubilee, Columbine cottage mixture, Milky bellflower, Cerinthe Yellow Gem, Delphinium cottage mixture, Geranium hardy mixture, Heuchera Emperor's Cloak, Giant (6ft) red lobelia, Blue Poppy, Evening Primrose Sunset Boulevard, Primula candelabra and Potentilla Monarch's Velvet.
A BEAUTIFUL violet-mauve form of the blue poppy is available to grow from seed.
Two murdered policemen from the North East will be remembered at a "blue poppy" remembrance day to honour officers killed on duty.
I bought an oenothera named African Sun, and meconopsis sheldonii - a gorgeous blue poppy hybrid grown to maintain its true colours and habit for just pounds 4.99.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Meconopsis betonicifolia (Himalayan blue poppy)
Wants: Angelwing blue poppy, Mexican hat, Mexican fireplant, strawflower, carnation, columbine, white spider flower.
Lord Aberconway also supported the expeditions of other famous plant hunters such as Frank Kingdon-Ward, who was the first person to collect and send us seed of the beautiful Himalayan Blue Poppy.