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vine of tropical Asia having pinnate leaves and bright blue flowers with yellow centers

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Chavadej, "Dye-sensitized solar cell using natural dyes extracted from rosella and blue pea flowers," Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol.
The navy blue pea coat over white pants - debuted in 1962 - was also one of his hallmarks.
The menu will feature the likes of The Poison Apple - a 'colourchanging' mix of rhubarb and ginger gin, apple Manzana verde, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, vanilla foam and a blue pea flower shot.
The blue pea flower that is so present in many salads today reminds me of Cavite because the local name for it is ternate.
The autumn/winter range includes blue pea coats, black faux fur jackets, chiffon maxi skirts, sheepskin separates and accessories polo neck maxi dresses.
Research has identified three distinct groups within the workplace, each of whom display marked differences in ambition, enterprise and job satisfaction, says Ms Sanderson, managing director of business consultancy Blue Pea Pod.
There was the simple navy blue pea coat over white trousers, which the designer first showed in 1962 when he opened his couture house and kept as one of his hallmarks.
Anya's own herb garden (which is tended by resident gardener Shimie Panti) boasts beautifully grown calamansi and passion fruit, blue pea and cosmos flowers, tarragon, mint, parsley, basil and cilantro as well as vegetables like eggplant, squash and red lettuce.
Ruth Sanderson, of Blue Pea Pod, warns that many firms have asked employees to take on more work during the downturn.
At the Garden Organic seed library you'll find local varieties including the Kenilworth Tomato and the Early Warwick dwarf bean, and quirky looking varieties including the Kent Blue Pea, the Darby Striped Tomato and the lumpy bumpy Madam Jardell's Black Tomato.
Fores kicked things off with a blue pea flower-steeped adlai salad with truffle oil and burrata, while Patrick Go made batchoy xiao long bao.
The Prussian blue peas were turning brown on the vine last week, and the majority of the pea crop would be harvested and stored dry, rather than eaten fresh, Ms.
Demetrio went around the city, talked to the locals, and brought home a load of ingredients he got to play with in his lab: Blue peas and hibiscus from Malvar, sampinit from Cuenca, as well as cacao, barako coffee, makabuhay, wild mulberries and honey.