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a long time

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a long time

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Bezos also claims Blue Moon can transport a large variety of payloads, including four of Blue Origin's small lunar rovers.
In the country, the "Full Flower Blue Moon" can be best viewed at 5:11 a.m.
"The phrase has nothing to do with the actual colour of the moon, although a literal blue moon may occur in certain atmospheric conditions, e.g.
The first Blue Moon phenomenon for this year occurred on January 31.
Well, I looked back, and last time we had a double blue moon was 1999.
The idiom 'once in a blue moon' is said when people would mean something that happens rarely.
When I was younger, one of my favorite songs by Frank Sinatra, was "Blue Moon." I still remember the lyrics all these years later and I even often sing them to myself while driving "Blue moon, you saw me standing alone.
It was feared that poor weather could spoil the chances of seeing the first blue moon since July 2015.
It was the first Blue Moon - the second full moon in a calendar month - since July 2015 .
FORECASTERS last night urged stargazers not to let wet weather dampen their hopes of seeing the blue moon.
The rare phenomenon, which featured a supermoon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse, occurred for the first time in 150 years between 5.23pm and 6.11pm.
The combination of three lunar phenomena: a super moon, a blue moon and a blood moon at the same time happened for the first time since 1866.
The moon put on a rare cosmic show just before sunrise in the suburbs on Wednesday: a red blue moon, super big and super bright.