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Cheeky, beachy, just a little bit freaky -- famed entertainment hotspot Blue Marlin in Abu Dhabi (pictured above) returns whatever you throw at it in spades.
Caption: The writer, left, fighting the blue marlin, above, that he traveled all the way to Kona for a chance to catch.
Before he started his Blue Marlin parties this month, Pete was on the White Isle in May to officially kick off the summer season with the International Music Summit - the annual industry get-together which he co-founded with Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto and Simeon Friend, and which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.
The five-star Mandarin Oriental resort in Bodrum, which overlooks the Aegean Sea, will be home to the new Blue Marlin Ibiza Bodrum beach club from June 7 2016.
This has been the most popular blue water event in the Gulf of Mexico for the past 20 years," says Carter, adding that it is home of the Gulf of Mexico blue marlin record of an incredible 1,054.
For instance, many billfish such as blue marlin once ended up at the taxidermist, but today about 97 percent of blue marlin landed by recreational fishermen are released back to the sea.
One drilling vessel, Polar Pioneer, is already en route to Seattle, piggybacking on a 712ft-long transport vessel called the Blue Marlin.
Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE launched a summer-long campaign featuring its own staff as models.
He's in America's 50th state to track down more monsters of the deep, and begins big - by hunting Pacific blue marlin with locals, before trying to land some giant prawns in Waipio.
The hull will be transported from South Korea to Ingleside, TX on Dockwise's world-class Blue Marlin marine vessel, a semi-submersible heavy lift ship specifically designed to transport larger equipment above the ship's deck.
Jeff Meyer's passion was deep-sea fishing and that led Mark to create the Blue Marlin Guitar, which featured engraved mother of pearl seashells for the fingerboard inlays, an old sailing ship engraved into the ebony tailpiece and a Blue Marlin inlay in the pickguard.
You may find Ibiza can work out super-expensive but my top tip for a day out at the Blue Marlin club is to actually book a table next door at the Yemanja Beach restaurant (www.
The company is recognised as a European leader in the supply of sustainable seafood which it produces under the Blue Marlin Band.
However, she did snap a picture of the bride-to-be as the girls relaxed at the exclusive Blue Marlin beach bar and restaurant.
Thanks to the old muskie master, I've learned more about fishing for blue marlin than anyone living 1,000 miles from the Atlantic has a right to.