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blue lotus of India and southeastern Asia

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blue Egyptian lotus: held sacred by the Egyptians

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When Blue Lotus advertised for an apprentice on Facebook, she nervously rocked up with her portfolio and got the job.
In the interest of covering the cost of these musicians, they began to reach out to more potential sponsors: first Tim and Jen Moore of the Bend, Oregon-based JEM Raw Organics and then Barbara and Stephan Cameron of Eugene, Oregon's, Blue Lotus Chai, as well as their friend Sky Kubby of Hawaii's Medicinal Foods.
Chandramouli, CEO - Blue Lotus Communications, averred, "2015 has been good for us with many account wins in the beginning of this year with the environment positivity converting into substantial retainer business.
Clockwise from top left: TinTin mugs; TinTin section at Fully Booked; The Blue Lotus figurine; TinTin figurine
N Chandramouli, CEO & Founder, Comniscient Group, of which Blue Lotus Communications is the flagship entity, said, Having worked with several governmental and civic agencies in the past, Blue Lotus has the necessary expertise in understanding the liaison and communications needs of Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.
The first edition of the Blue Lotus Festival is all set to kick start in this historical city, by the side of the sacred lake, in the middle of the vast Indian desert.
The Nature-certified products are based on focal ingredients, such as jasmine, cocoa, blue lotus, desert fig or myrtle.
The blue lotus, Nymphaea caerulea, was the sacred flower of Ancient Egypt, its blue petals symbolising the sky and its yellow centre the sun.
Its very latest Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask contains Chinese herbs, silk proteins, blue lotus, copper peptide, tissue salts, nanominerals (including gold, silver and platinum) and GABA amino acid.
IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACTS 1963 -2009 AND IN THE MATTER OF OPTIMAL PAYMENTS (IRELAND) LIMITED & ARMSTRONG CLO LIMITED & BLUE LOTUS LIMITED & GREENFLY (IRELAND) LIMITED (ALL IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION) Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 263 of the Companies Act, 1963 that the Final Meetings of the Members of the above named Companies will be held at BDO, Beaux Lane House, Mercer Street Lower, Dublin 2 on 30th of March 2010 commencing at 9.
In the first Tintin book set in China, "The Blue Lotus," Herge took the side of the Chinese over their Japanese occupiers in 1930s Shanghai.
Items can be found online at sites such as Blue Lotus (outdoor fleece blankets) and Patagonia (fleece jackets).
Try their Blue Lotus Vodka--enhanced with guarana extract, taurine, and caffeine--to wake up any cocktail.
LUMIERE BY AFTELIER is a floral fragrance that employs exotic boronia, blue lotus, and rare boswellia sacra frankincense to complement its green-tea base.
Nourish + Revitalize shampoo and conditioner is intended to help protect hair's moisture balance and repair everyday damage while being gentle enough for color-treated hair, while Nourish + Volumize uses blue lotus flower to increase volume, smoothness and elasticity.