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a statute regulating work on Sundays

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Sometimes Baptists emerge from the grassroots, as in the case of literal Baptists who supported Prohibition and Blue Laws.
The state Supreme Court agreed that the Blue Laws were already filled with so many exceptions that there was no basis in preventing Kroger from opening on Sundays," explains Davis.
Passon repeatedly challenged the blue laws in order to, as he said, "find out just where amateur baseball stands in Philadelphia.
An 1883 San Francisco Chronicle article evaluated a proposed Massachusetts ban on Sunday railroad shipping and found that "[t]o Californians accustomed to nearly the full freedom of Continental cities, it seems strange that objections should be made to the running of railroads on Sundays" and that "to declare as a violation of the Sabbath the running of trains, the delivery of bread, milk, newspapers and other articles indispensible to the modern breakfast, is a relic of barbarianism which will soon find as few defenders as the Massachusetts legislation against witchcraft or the old Blue Laws of California.
4) They can be helpful in accounting for the novel's front-matter, its peripeteia, its narrator's idiosyncrasies, and its odd, concluding "General Note on the Blue Laws.
This is even more surprising because Paramus, part of Bergen County, has some of the strictest blue laws in the nation.
Lui et quelques autres "radicaux" du corps professoral y avaient lance un cine-club universitaire dans une salle de cinema avoisinante, afin de contourner les blue laws (lois bleues) dominicales.
He makes passing reference to Louisville's blue laws, which prevented Sunday games, but he provides no further discussion of this important topic in baseball history.
The research by a Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researcher, together with a researcher from De-Paul University, also reveals that when Sunday blue laws are repealed, women who choose secular activities, such as shopping, are not happier.
Shulevitz isn't calling for the return of blue laws.
She parses Max Weber along with the Talmud, Saint Paul along with George Eliot, blue laws along with the Babylonian exile.
This tenant was from New York City and was not aware of Bergen County Blue Laws.
Unfortunately, however, the centers are closed on Sundays due to the blue laws enacted by the town of Paramus.
The blue laws of New Haven, Connecticut (1656), provide one example of the kind of struggle that Sabbath observers faced.
There are a variety of cultural and industry-specific trends helping to maintain the vitality of the wine and spirits industries--among them are the American consumer's steady movement away from beer in favor of wine and spirits; the demonstrated positive health effects of moderate alcohol consumption; the liberalizing of archaic beverage alcohol blue laws nationwide, with particularly positive results from the growth of Sunday sales (which DISCUS tabs at an extra $212 million in new retailer revenue in 2006); and a more spirits- and wine-savvy public that is responding to increasing product education from retailers, distributors and suppliers.