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a statute regulating work on Sundays

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(85) For this observer of San Francisco life, his community was "one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world" where a "great liberality of thought and feeling prevails." Thus, the city welcomed "all religions and creeds and no-creeds, from the strictest form of Calvinism now in existence, to Spiritism, Atheism, and Materialism." Here, a wide variety of individual religious practices met "not only with toleration, but with tolerance, which is a much rarer phenomenon." (86) Upon this diverse population, bans on Sunday business seemed to be the work of puritanical forces, representing nothing less than "narrowness and bigotry, and petty tyranny, as were ever developed in Connecticut under the regime of the Blue Laws." (87)
Callaghan's decision to book fellow Louth native Shane Gray takes the eye, as did Blue Law over an inadequate trip at Navan last time.
If they do institute a blue law, down the road someone will fight it."
The greatest obstacle faced by Sabbath-keepers in colonial America were the blue laws, which were set forth as early as the 1610s.
Patrick, his brother, Michael, and their wives were co-owners of the Baloon (originally Saloon -- a now-rescinded blue law caused the name change) and several other New York restaurants at various times.
An unusual blue law forbidding social smoking was enacted in Connecticut.
IRC section 7122(b)(3) is every bit as sensible as the New England blue law prohibiting taking a bath on Sunday.
passes a blue law prohibiting drug stores from selling ice cream sodas.
DUNLEER trainer Marcus Callaghan didn't have to send Blue Law too far to win at Bellewstown last week and, although tonight's trip to Gowran Park will take longer, the gelding looks one of the bets of the day (6.55).
"So I think the old blue law thing is kind of outdated."
Arkansas passed its first blue law in 1837, one year after it entered the union.
For example, the Klan-backed mayor' directive concerning Sunday blue law enforcement permitted Jewish merchants to remain open if they closed on the Jewish Sabbath.
Bottom line: For those hoping to buy liquor before noon on Sundays, the budget crunch might provide legislators with an incentive to overturn the state's blue law. But don't belly up to the bar just yet.
The Marcus Callaghan-trained Blue Law got on the scoreboard for the year in division one of the 1m (47-60) handicap.
When the ship did not arrive on Saturday, the people who had gathered at the Oceanic steamer dock to greet the tour hoped that the teams would come on Monday, so that the Sunday blue law would be avoided.