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an indelicate joke

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He's a fat man who tells blue jokes. And no forgetting: What is a jockstrap?
Blue jokes, harmless innuendos and double entendres are part of the British style of humour, which the Outrage Army love to attack.
"He used to say 'once a fighter pilot always a fighter pilot.' "He had a twinkle in his eye, a taste for red wine and blue jokes to the end."
We found out why when we went to see him: it was a plethora of racism, sexism and blue jokes, interspersed with outof-date observations about the Queen Mother and the Falklands.
The men dragged deep on roll-up cigarettes, traded blue jokes and hollow banter, the better to hide their feelings from the cameras.
Yes, she might have to soften her tough-chick persona for network TV and the blue jokes definitely would go, but she would still bring the rarity of free-wheeling sexiness to late-night.
But my blue jokes are not 'blue' -in fact, they are the ones that make me feel slightly sad."
"He'd learn blue jokes from watching Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey on TV, then tell them to strict Muslim clerics and burst into fits of laughter when they looked appalled.
But the Holocaust supplies the subtext rather than the text of the docu, which concerns the fragile present, as octogenarians dance to "Cabaret" showtunes or applaud blue jokes by entertainers almost as old as they are.
FRANK SKINNER ON THE ROAD by Frank Skinner (Century, pounds 18.99) IF YOU enjoy Frank's blue jokes and witty observations, this honest account of life as he went back on the road will hook you in from the first page, where he starts back on the circuit after a long absence.
It's a hallowed arena for blue jokes. A gritty amphitheatre where stale crisps are chomped, foul odours inhaled.
HE'S been described as the rudest man in the country and mucky comic Roy 'Chubby' Brown (left) has made a mint on the club circuit and achieved cult status with a huge following of fans who love his blue jokes and bad language.
The unnamed female cop complained about the blue jokes made by the male speakers and other traditional male rituals such as the Toast to the Lassies.
Cursing was positively encouraged, as were blue jokes. They gave the place an atmosphere.