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atmospheric discharges (lasting 10 msec) bursting from the tops of giant storm clouds in blue cones that widen as they flash upward

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Red Sprites (Figures 2 and 3), together with Elves and Blue Jets, belong to the category of upper-atmospheric transient luminous events.
Numerous images have also been obtained from aircraft of so-called Blue Jets (Wescott et al.
In this case, the environmental factor is not at issue: the Lightning Man site is situated in a region that is known for the dazzling lightning of the Gudjew monsoon season (between January and March), where steep escarpments form ideal conditions for observation of transient luminous events such as Red Sprites, Elves and Blue Jets.
The Mounties overcame Blue Jets 21-14 in the semi-finals and went on to tame the Giants 40-0, Blue Jets overcoming Giants 6-0 in the second-place play-off.
Christ the King Blue Jets (from left): Ryan Strain, Luke McNulty, Macauley Toner, Liam McManaman, Dan McGonaghan, Edward O'Connor, Eoin Quinn.
Blue jets, a recent discovery by scientists, are atmospheric discharges which occur much higher in the Earth's atmosphere than normal lightning.
Scientists were not able to verify the existence of blue jets until 1994, when aircraft were flown above massive thunderstorms with the high-speed video equipment necessary to capture images of the spectacular events.
If the cameras see a sprite or blue jet, Benbrook can then correlate the electromagnetic measurements made at the same time by the balloon-borne instruments with theoretical models that try to predict how the fields should behave at the balloon's location relative to the discharge.
One scientist presented calculations that showed that a single blue jet, which lasts one-tenth of a second produces more nitric oxide than any other source does in a year.
Only in the last few years have scientists discovered these red sprites and much rarer flares, called blue jets (SN: 12/17/94, p.
Red sprites, blue jets, and elves (which may be red) appear over the parts of a thunderstorm that produce the most powerful cloud-to-ground lightning.
Given the difference between the midlatitudes and the equatorial storms, we wanted to know if the equatorial storms are also the globally dominant source of sprites and blue jets," says Sentman.
In the six flights out of Lima, Peru, the scientists detected 20 sprites but saw no blue jets.
At a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco last week, researchers unveiled theories to explain the phenomena, dubbed red sprites and blue jets.
The much rarer blue jets last longer, shooting up from the tops of thunderclouds in a narrow column that fans out at the top like the waterspout of a whale.