blue gum

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tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil

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It was great to visit Blue Gum Community School and see the new facilities firsthand and the impact they will have on students learning potential, Assistant Minister Seselja said.
The article discussed, at length, the various aspects of the management and environmental impact of the introduced blue gum tree in California, and also included an extensive list of references.
2 million tons of blue gum logs and woodchips a year to Japan and China.
No luck glassing, so the next item on our agenda was the grove of blue gum trees near where the tsessebe had spooked the day before.
The area is very accessible with the Muir Highway traversing the tenement and the ground consists mostly of blue gum plantations.
Carbon Energy's vision is to locate power production facilities with compatible manufacturing facilities at our Blue Gum Energy Park, adjacent to our current Bloodwood Creek site in Queensland.
Experiments with hardwood species, such as blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus), shining gum (Eucalyptus nitens), stringybark (Eucalyptus muellerana), messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua), and Paulownia (Paulownia fortunei and Paulownia elongata), as well as softwood species, such as Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), radiata pine (Pinus radiata), and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga taxifolia) heartwood, show that full cross section preservative penetration can be achieved.
The formula uses Australian Blue Gum leaves extract to help control static and frizz and adds softness so your hair stays just where you put it even on the dampest days.
The opening day's sale-topper was a Blue Gum Farm-consigned son of Encosta De Lago.
TSX), a Canadian company engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing gold and diamond properties in Africa, has announced an operations update from the Blue Gum Diamond Project.
I've experimented with large tree varieties such as mango, cashew and Tasmanian blue gum eucalyptus, and I have been growing them in 10 to 15 gallon plastic pots with the bottoms cut out.
3700 Blue Gum Drive, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 (author)
Japan's predilection for plantation eucalypt fiber (and Blue Gum in particular) and their declining interest in sourcing imports from natural forests has seen major Japanese pulp and paper companies develop the majority of their chip plantation projects in Australia, which currently amount to 109,000 hectares.
Blue Gum Ears also impressed the judges for their energetic and original performance.