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a blue-green color or pigment

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Blue green infrastructure uses natural processes to store rainwater and decrease the amount released on to roads and pavements.
We found that both traditional drainage measures and blue green infrastructure led to a reduction in travel network delays.
We have not had any previous reports of blue green algae in the pond at East Cramlington, and as algal blooms are more commonly associated with warm conditions it is particularly unusual to get an outbreak this early in the year.
Dai Walters, from Environment Agency Wales, said: "Our officers have been monitoring the lake very closely since we first identified the presence of blue green algae last month.
Yesterday a Wrexham council spokeswoman said: "Following tests by the Environment Agency on behalf of Wrexham County Borough Council a bloom of Blue Green Algae has been detected at Acton Park lake.
Teams of organizers from the USW, Sierra Club, NRDC and Blue Green Alliance will create grassroots organizing activities, conduct a series of public events, release independent studies highlighting the potential for tens of thousands of new green jobs in each state and generate thousands of signatures on a petition calling for green jobs, clean energy solutions and fair trade agreements.
Blue green algae are generally found in water, such as ponds, and can cause fatal poisoning to pets, although not all species are toxic.
To us, they're bananas" standouts against the blue green of reefs, Marshall says.
Blue green algae can cause allergic reactions including itchy and irritated eyes and skin and hay fever like symptoms.
It is sold in health food stores as blue green algae.
Recent Research--Released by the Blue Green Alliance and Others--Indicates That "Green Investment" Nationwide Could Create Two Million Jobs in Two Years
The blue green algae, or anabaena spiroides - occurs naturally in inland waters, estuaries and seas.
Ying Jia has made a discovery about the relationship between blue green algae found in the sea and the viruses that attack them.
EXPERTS last night warned people to stay away from Rhyl's Marine Lake after the invasion of blue green algae.
The islands of reeds, measuring more than 230 sq metres, will be launched at Engine Pool, one of the Earlswood Lakes, near Henley in Arden, as part of the battle to control blue green algae.