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Ever since becoming an employee-owned company back in 2013, we have been investigating ways to improve our competitive advantage and increase market share, said Dale Badger, president of Blue Grass Metals.
Caption: A Blue Grass Army Depot police officer checks on a volunteer posing as a recovering casualty during a Chemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance (CAIRA) exercise.
Fiona Shaw, racing manager to US owner Earle Mack, said: "The Blue Grass Stakes is a race his owner would very much like to win.
David Heinmiller, IT Manager at Blue Grass Airport noted the ShoreTel systems simplicity as a key element to its success in their operations.
Now, he said, he'll look for other crops to rotate through those fields - such as white clover, meadow foam and vegetable seed plants - to try to displace the blue grass.
The commander of Milan AAP also commands Mississippi AAR) Milan and Mississippi AAPs are now subordinate to Blue Grass Army Depot.
Police and fire crews work near the end of the Blue Grass Airport runway in Lexington, Kentucky
Brian Curtis was described in the Blue Grass record review as a Crackerjack tenor and this has been his hallmark since founding the Acme Band about 20 years ago.
The troupe dances Susan Hadley's Blue Grass, the revival of Lynne Taylor-Corbett's Diary, Twyla Tharp's jazz ballet Baker's Dozen, and Daniel Ezralow's Read My Hips and Super Straight.
3 million contract with Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass, a systems contractor selected by the U.
James is one of the happy band behind Blue Grass Racing, owners of Ryan Style and four others all in training with Lisa Williamson.
AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings Inc (NYSE:AAI), announced on Wednesday that it is launching services from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, on 11 February 2010.
O'Neill and owner Paul Reddam said they will probably send Great Hunter to Keeneland for his final Derby prep in the Blue Grass Stakes on April 14.
Lawyers and aviation experts on Wednesday inspected runways and taxiways at Kentucky Blue Grass Airport where a Comair plane crashed last month.