blue funk

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a state of nervous depression


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In the sort of comment that would send the Fairtrade Foundation into a blue funk, Jones says she thought the label was just something that appeared on bananas.
Add the Hitler moustache and it was enough to send my dad into a blue funk.
The Richard Commission has provided a coherent blueprint for taking things forward, but Labour is in a blue funk about it because it challenges so many aspects of its own self-interest.
For me it has to be York or Cheltenham, but I fear the Flat boys may have a blue funk at the prospect of coming up that hill - and even I have worries about how the Wokingham field will negotiate the third-last fence
I do not accept that the Nazis in the last frantic days of the camp, when they were in a blue funk, would have gone around with buckets of cement filling the holes that they were going to dynamite.